Today I want to talk about a very famous micro blogging service - Twitter. Everyone knows what is Twitter, but not all people use this very convenient service. Some people, like my wife - even hate Twitter. Today I will try to fix this annoying fact, and tell - how Twitter is useful for each trader

It is no secret that the economic news from countries around the world have a huge impact on the price movement of currencies of these countries in the FX market. If you are FX trader, of course you can do technical analysis, analyze the candles and various indicators, draw trend lines, and analyze support and resistance levels and volume levels. But let's be honestly, sometimes it is absolutely does not work. Every unexpected (or expected) economic news can completely cross out any market analysis that you have done.

Of course, if you do only scalping - and never keep the trade open for more than a few seconds, and do not trade during important economic news - in this case the news is not so relevant for you. But we're talking about the vast majority of traders, and the majority are not so engaged in scalping, most traders trade more in long-term.

Any trader should be informed of all the expected and previously released economic news, no doubt. However there's a slight problem - there are dozens of news websites, and often information on them very different. There is no any website, on which the information would be exhaustive.

Accordingly, you have two options: First – either every day you are viewing a dozen news websites, which is time consuming and not very comfortable. Second - you are simply register an account in Twitter and everything becomes much easier. The main plus point of Twitter - all the information will be in one place, and in a brief, concise manner. Only basic, nothing more.

Many news sites have their own Twitter account, which you can follow. And then immediately after the news - you'll see it in a concise form in your Twitter account, but if you want to read about it in more detail - you only need to click on the link in the tweet and the web page with the full version of this news will be opened.

Here I want to add some advantages of Twitter in short way:

- many information in one place

- short information in thesis

- an opportunity to open full information

- you can subscribe only on Tweet in your own language

- save your time

- you can share with people your own thoughts

All known market analysts also have accounts on Twitter, and it's very convenient - track opinions of different people about the market in one place. Also there are many Twitter accounts - which are very useful to you trading signals, such as account @DukascopyFX - this is the first account that you need to be follow on Twitter. @Dukascopy_News - second.

I want to share with you part of the list of Twitter accounts that I follow:
  • @DukascopyFX (FX Market Signals from Dukascopy Bank)
  • @Dukascopy_News (Market News and Research from Dukascopy Bank)
  • @ReutersJamie (Reuters correspondent)
  • @Fawad_FX (A technical analyst covering FX, indices & commodities)
  • @ericbeebo (Editor of Reuters (FX) Buzz)
  • @KKerrFX (Kristian Kerr is a Senior Market Strategist)
  • @ZaheerAnwari (FX trader. Stock market investor. Trading mentor)
  • @MWellerFX (Senior Technical Analyst)
  • @ValBednarik (Professional Trader and Expert Adviser)
  • @ecb (The European Central Bank)
  • @Reuters (Top and breaking news, pictures, and videos from Reuters)
  • @RANsquawk (Market insights from the desk. Real-time analysis, economic debate, current affairs and a touch of humor!)
  • @MarketsTicker (Delivering market-moving news)
  • @FXStreetNews (24/5 real-time forex news)
  • @eFXnews (Global FX, fixed Income trades, strategies and analyses from the leading investment banks worldwide)
  • @DailyFX (Trading news, currency forecasts, analysis, education, and strategy)
  • @MBForex (Michael Boutros is a Trader/Currency Strategist)
  • @ForexLive (Forex Market News, FX Headlines)
  • @kathylienfx (Kathy Lien is an internationally published currency expert)
  • @gregmikeFX (Forex Trader/Analyst and author of Attacking Currency Trends)
  • @faithmight (Forex Trader. Micro VC. Educator. Mother. Wife.)
  • @MorganStanley (Official Twitter account of Morgan Stanley)
  • @BloombergTV (The official Bloomberg Television Twitter page)
  • @MarkitEconomics (PMI insight from the economics team at Markit)
  • @federalreserve (The official Twitter channel of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System)
  • @Lavorgnanomics (Joseph A. LaVorgna, Managing Director and Chief US Economist at Deutsche Bank)
  • @kitjuckes (Kit Juckes, a global strategist at Societe Generale SA)
  • @sebastiengaly (Senior Currency Strategist)
  • @DailyFXTeam (Live coverage of Forex market news and updates)
  • @Forex_Beat (Helping you make sense of often-chaotic FX markets)
  • @ECspokesSimon (European Commission spokesperson for economic and monetary affairs)
  • @JohnKicklighter (John Kicklighter, is a senior currency strategist)
  • @DRodriguezFX (David Rodriguez is a Quantitative Strategist, specializing in statistical studies on currencies)
  • @DavidJSong (David J Song, currency analyst)
  • @IlyaSpivak (Ilya Spivak, Global Macro strategist)
  • @CVecchioFX (Christopher Vecchio, Currency Analyst)
  • @JamieSaettele (Jamie Saettele is a Technical Strategist)
These are only examples, you can subscribe to any other accounts, a lot of them. After you follow 10-15 news accounts, every morning - you do not need to browse multiple websites, you simply open Twitter, see 10-20-30 new tweets, and quickly view them. If you already use Twitter to get the latest news from the sphere of the FX market - and follow some useful accounts, please, share them in the comments to my article.
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