In this article I will write on my simple visual jforex strategy upgrade and also upcoming java strategy development. I have always been an advocate of keeping and breaking hard and complex situation simple as possible, many months of participation in strategy contest and backtesting I have been able to realize that it is not about having sophisticated strategy but having good money management rules protecting your capital while it makes money in long run.

My visual jforex strategy is based on SMA and MACD histogram also remember there is no holy grail strategy anywhere the only thing that matters here is how you approach the mkt ( gambler or trader ) .

I will be looking forward to engage external programmer to properly code (java strategy) my style of trading both expert advisor and auto trader, because a trader is not programmer and a programmer is not a trader.


Simple logic

(1) 2 SMA indicator ( 30 , 10 )

(2) MACD histogram

(3) T.P = 25 S.L = 35

(4) Trade size 2.5M

(5) Entry trigger 10mins

(6) Gbp usd

IF SMA crossover uptrend = MACD histogram +0.0001 = buy signal

IF SMA crossover downtrend = MACD histogram -0.0001 = sell signal

(1) connecting 2 SMA blocks to generate crossover signals

(2) Adding MACD block to filter signals with MACDhistogram

(3) Connecting SMA crossover with MACD histogram to generate buy or sell signals

(4) IF SMA crossover uptrend = MACD histogram +0.0001 = long position

IF SMA crossover downtrend = MACD histogram -0.0001 = short position


Consistent profit in trading with automated strategy is a direct result of a sound trading system, sound money management, proper capitalization

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