This are the secrets of a succesful trader and hunter.

Trading is like hunting. When you hunt you have to prepare your gun, which in forex is your trading system, and your bullets, which is your capital. First, you have to train yourself shooting in the backyard, on empty bottles, this mean you are trading first on demo. After you learn how to use your gun and how to shoot, you go to hunt the beast in the woods. Before you go to hunt the beast you have to learn first how the beast behave, so, you learn first how your fx pair is behaving, respectively the price-action. After you learn how the beast behave you go in the woods and take the trail of the beast. You follow the trail of the beast on the woods to see where the beast is resting and is eating and drinking water but you do not run and shoot after the beast because very soon you will remain without your bulets which is your capital. After you have learned the comportamental behaviour of the beast you take place near the place the beast is resting or is drinking water, you hide in the bush and you wait for the beast to show up and when the beast shows up you shoot the beast. So, the secret is that you have to wait for the beast to come to the right place and then shoot it. You have to do the same in forex. You do not have to follow the currency pair (the beast) all over the charts and make many trades (shoot many times) because you will spend your capital (your bullets) in chaotical trades, but you have to wait for the price to reach the right level and then you place your trade knowing that you have done the right and logical thing and you know you will make a lot of pips and profit. In forex,  like in hunting, you have to do 3 things: First, you have to learn how to use a trading system, respectively, how to use a gun. Second, you have to learn how your currency is behaving, actualy, to learn the price-action, respectively, to learn the comportamental behavioral of the beast. Third, you have to wait for the price to reach the right level to enter the trade, respectively, you have to wait for the beast to come to the right place. All the three operations from above require patience and discipline.

Trade well and best regards!

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