The forecasts are based on supply-demand mismatch as well as Fibonacci ratios presented in past editions of this article series "ingreedients of my pipping recipe". 

Trading Forecasts
The win-loss percentage for these forecasts is 83%, while risk reward is variable from 1:3 to more than 1:4. Hundred such trades with 83% win-loss ratio and 1:4 risk reward ratio should give 250% gain without any leverage.

The four hour and daily charts show a confluence of upmove odds, from 1.0160, for the target of 1.0440 (280 pips). The stop loss for this trade is 1.01 (60 pips). This is a 1:4 risk reward trade.

The sterling kiwi pair is yet to reach the supply zone from 2.17 and can then move downwards for few weeks from zone of 2.1700 - 2.2000 towards the next demand zone of 1.9000 ( a risk of 600 pips for a possible gain of 2700 pips, 1:4)

The Euro - Norwegian Krona pair is showing weakness on daily charts and is highly likely to move south in coming days from the level of 7.8600, for a target of 7.7300 (around 1300 pips). The Stop Loss is the breach of supply-demand mismatch zone (7.9000, i.e. 400 pips). This trade is thus giving risk of 400 pips for 1300 pip gain (1:3)

The Dollar - Norwegian Krona already made its downward move from the weekly supply move, giving more than 5000 pips from 5.9 to 5.4. Now the reversal for November strength is impending from 5.79 to 6.04 levels to 5.4800. The stop loss for this trade is 6.1000. The risk reward ratio is thus just 1:2 at the very best.

Similar trade is available on Dollar - Swedish Krona as on Dollar - Norwegian Krona. The weekly chart shows supply zone till 7.04, while target is 6.00 (it's 6.82 while writing this article, hence the risk reward ratio is 4000:8000 pips, 1:2 risk reward)

Closing Notes
The currency market always shows the supply-demand mismatch zones on various time frames. In the above listed trade forecasts only the higher time frames like daily and weekly have been scanned to catch confluence of Fibonacci patterns like the bearish gartley and supply-demand mis-match zone on Dollar - Norwegian Krona. I'd be careful while trading above listed pairs in reverse direction, while odds will be in our favor on long term basis (more than 4-5 weeks) while doing trades in the same direction of forecasts.

Next week, I'd scan the markets and list more trades. If required, ask me for JForex charts. All your comments and suggestions are highly welcomed. Thank you for reading.