Trades Execution and Money Management 

Whatever you choose to execute you'r trades technical or fondamental analytics you must search and wait for the best time to execute you'r trade and you must use technical analytics to find this point. 
No matter you are beginner or pro trader you must always take decision and consider that you will not reach you'r goal and because of that i will explain in this article how to do that and when.

1-Trades Execution:
Trading is not playing casino no it's about taking decision that could be dangerous for you'r psychology  and you'r take this decision.
After, insert you'r indicatort into the graphique and wait for the best moment.
But the question is what are the indicators that i will you's and when.
the answer is:

  • RSI:We all know what meen RsI but how use it i will give you how you can search for the right time with rsi.
    At first insert it whith the desired period if you have chosin the best decision you will got it going from 50 to 30 so wait when that reach under 35 and minimise once time you'r period wait that will be under 35 and to the same think you will find the better point.

  • Moving Average: when rsi do not work with us we can use another ;the Moving Average
    all we all what's meen but how to use it i will learn you how to do that:
    So easy it's about to verify and wait for the time that moving average cut one of the candelstick and if you searching for ask position wait that he cut the red candelstick and bid position he cut's the red.and that define the time that you will execute you'r trade.

    So these indicators help you to find the best time to execute you'r position and there is many other i will leave the rest to you'r inteligence and know let's see how be sure that we can be certain that we will be safe and we will win.
    2-Money management:
    There's many idea to keep you'r money safe and stay in the positive everyday you must invent you'r so i will give mine and it's an exemple:
    Choose you'r goal of the day before starting and for the exemple my goal is 100k
    i have 100k and all my trades all similar i risk 1mk for the trade so the 1pip=1k
    i will do 20 trades and i will see if can i each my goal.i will choose my 
    TP= 3 X SL
  • EXemple:
    i won 8 and lost 12
    8*30=240   pip
    12*10=120 pip
    240-120=120 pip X 1k=120k 

    Just stay tuned in forex new trade in demo and live and searsh for experience and please share with us you'r succes.

    Let's make some money

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