Do or Die: Forex market is largest Financial Market .It is now very popular earning method over the all country in the world. It is Very easy to Start Forex Trading But Very hard for Earning. Here 99% New Forex Trader Lose Money and Overall 90% Forex Trader always Face Lose For Do or Die Trading style. Most of The People start Forex trading by referring friend or relative without proper Knowledge and lose all money for lack of trading education and trading experience.
Lack of Forex Education: Forex Market is high Volatile For High Liquidity and Many reason such as geological factor, political issue, Financial issue, election issue .So Forex Trader Can Not Understand Market Without Proper Forex education .Forex education is The Part Of Trading success, But Most Of The New Forex Trader Face Lose For Start Trading without enough Forex education and lack of Enough Demo Practice. But we know New Forex Trader can learn many More tactics by Demo Trading and easily solve Future real Trading problem but avoid demo trading practice None can will success. So here we must be Learn First and Gain experience by Demo Practice for successful trading career.
Lack of Money management: Money Management not only important But also essential for all Forex Trader. Forex Trader can Control Lose ratio By Money management but it is true Most of The New Trader has no idea about money management and there are trading style always Do or Die, so They Face lose and angry to Forex market .money management always save our money and account, so we should be always use money management for our safe trading career.
Depend On Signal and avoid own analysis: Many New Forex Trader and old Trader always search signal and Avoid own Trading analysis. But my 5 Years trading experience, we cannot earn profit by depend on Trading signal or Others Forex trader signal. Forex is very smart Earning method but very hard, so here we need create own Trading strategy and build up our own Trading signal and avoid other trader signal.
Avoid Stop lose and Take Profit: Stop lose and Take Profit is very important trading element for Our daily Trading. Stop lose save our money and Protect our Trading account. Forex Trader cannot save account avoid stop lose, so I think stop lose always essential for Trader Balance and Trading account. Take Profit is smart Way For catch your daily profit. For avoid Take Profit our profitable Trade will be lose and our portfolio will be negative mark.
Cross Currency Factor: Many Traders select cross currency like GBPJPY, GBPTRY, GBPZAR, USDZAR, EURZAR, USDTRY For Quick Earning ,as result most of The Forex Trader face lose . All Cross Currency pair always give us lose only few trader get Profit by Cross Currency pair. We need remember major Currency pair always ideal for long lasting Trading career. Major Currency Bring slow Earning But it is very effective and long lasting for our Trading life.
Trade against Market Trend: Many traders not understand market trend for lack of Trading education and lack of trading experience, so There are entry always gone losing side. For Perfect entry, Forex trader need always follow market trend, it is buy or sell not factor, trader get profit by follow market trend. Market trend is the soul of our Trading. One short wrong entry is our long cry, so wait for perfect market trend and entry from perfect point.
Over Trading and Fear: Over Trading and fear is another reason for lose. Many Trader like over trading for few pips but there are not Follow Market trend and market analysis ,so They face big lose by One Trading .Some time Forex Trader avoid stop lose and face big lose and finally close position for market fear, so Here we Learned, we should be use stop lose for avoid market fear.
Finally-Always Remember Forex Market Not gaming place, it is Now Most smart earning place for all. Here we need Investment our own money and accept lose before trading success. In Forex market First we need save our money and account before earning .So we must follow Trading rule And Follow own trading analysis for our bright career at Forex market.
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