Hello every one
I am sure that you have read or heard about this secret somewhere before but it was among some useless materials like indicators or other tips that would make this great invalid to you.
I have discussed this before in other websites in a way that readers find out how to use it by their own. Now I am going to say it as clear and obvious as it is possible.
Psychologists say that less than 20% of people read scripts more than 15 line.
That is why I am going to say the Master secret first and then explain the logic behind it! So you wont have to say good job or nice article without reading it

That Holy Grail is Timing.

Now let us see how do these successful traders use it? (Most of them!)
They do not use indicators or these available systems, just raw chart with key S/R lines to understand the price action and candle patterns. And some of them use other technics but almost all of them share this Timing schedule as their Master secret. And when they share their trading system they say it like it is as important as using S/R levels or indicators of their system is, nothing more. And they have every right to do that!
Now lets get back to our Master secret.
After finding a valid candle pattern in your desirable time frame (Higher time frames like D1, H4 and H1 should be considered), wait for 1H Candle to close.
Watch the market for next 10 minutes and see how price action treats to your candle pattern, and after 10 minutes Target of price for the next hour will be as clear as light for you.
Now go to 1 min or 5 min, and enter the market. Set TP and SL based on that candle pattern and S/R levels on the chart. Do not think you have found the best pattern in the universe and it wont hit the SL. cause it will happen. So don’t move the SL and just forget that loss and wait for next candle to trade. When you become a pro in this method you should close your trades manually before price hits your Sl and reenter in the right direction.
Do this every hour and only for valid candle patterns. Do not trade just for trading sake!
This is easier than what you think and like every method, should be practiced.

Remember Time is Gold.

Below I have explained a short version of my article about how price and time react to each other and the logic of Master secret, by learning it you can predict big moves of market like last week Pound crash. And if you have a good trading system already you can combine it with this articles Timing schedule. If you want to read the full version you can try these links:

Time Dynamics
We all have a trading system which sometimes works fine and sometimes we get disappointed of the results. What if there was a reliable confirmation system?
Well, first we need to know what kind of a system could be reliable, because there are plenty of them out there.
You should know that the reason of your lost is not luck or lack of a good trading system.
Every experienced trader is aware of the importance of S/R lines but there is another dimension as important as Horizontal lines in our charts, vertical lines which defines time.

Price only moves during some period of times and if your trading system signal combines with those periods that price is ready to take a move then you will have a good win ratio with any trading system.

1-Price reaction
We all know what price action is.
now we are going to learn about price reaction.
Price will always have a reaction to its past, what that reaction would be we don’t know and we don’t care, because that is our trading system problem to show us the direction of trends.
We just want to know when those big movements will happen to be ready for that and if they are long term trends or short ones or if there will be a retracement or trend change of direction. And the past is our guide line for that.
There are two common cycles in the market which happens a lot: 47 & 55.
Whenever price finish these cycles it will have a new trending or ranging period.
Usually in lower time frames Like M1 & M5, (47) ismore effective cycle and in heigher time frames like H1, H4 & D1 (55) is more effective. But we have to check them both to make sure
of that.
In the next chapter we will see how to use them in our trades.

2- What is up is down and what is left is right!
To bring the timeline on the chart and analyzing it we have to shift price forward and Ichimoku will be our hero for that.
Use these settings for your Ichimoku :
Tenkan: 2
Kijun: 47 or 55
Senkou : 2
And discard everything except cloud. like this picture:

Now lets take a look the chart and see the result:

First picture is with kijun 47, (G/J M1):

And this one is with kijun of 55:

If you pay attention on the lines you will see an exact reflection of price, sometimes it is following and sometimes it is going in opposite direction, as I said before direction is not our issue here we are just talking about confirmation.
If you noticed I have chosen a high volatility pair in 1 minute time frame so you know that this is a basic structure of market and works on every pair and every time frame.
Of course there will be times that there will be no relation between the cloud and price, usually that’s because of some fundamental noise or just another unknown cycle. I personally will not trade those times!
Now lets review some more examples: (both are 2-55-2)

I can show you some more pictures if you like but it will not matter, this works all the time!
If you want to learn the price timeline you should check it with your trading system signals.
Look if there is a relation between price and cloud and what is their situation when you have your signals. You will have some good answers.

Well, now you know that Time dynamics is not a trading system by itself because cycles may change at any moment and there is chaos in every one of them which does not make it an accurate system. So it is not wise to use it as a signal for trading, the best way to use Time Dynamics is as a confirmation system.
Trading is all about the price reactions to S/R levels both in time and space. So whatever your trading system is try to combine it with Time dynamics.
You will be a better trader if you know where and when is your target.
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