Overview :

The Good about trading is financial stability for a lifetime. Tickling the market at one's convenience.

The Bad about trading is frustration, torment, loss and failure.

The Ugly belongs to those that have become insolvent, destroyed relationships, lost homes and even committed suicide.

Content :

The paradox about trading is that if you are not obsessed with it and do not put in supreme time and efforts, then you will not become an excellent trader. But if you are obsessed with it, you will fail.

The answer to the riddle lies in just how you are obsessed and just how far you will go with it. Are you positively or negatively obsessed with your trading ?

The Good have concentrated their efforts and reaped the rewards. The Bad have not done their homework and have sustained stress and losses. And the Ugly have simply gone too far.

The height of insanity is hitting your head against a brick wall over and over and expecting a different result. If Forex is hurting you, then you must, must, must stop and analyze why. And action a new solution. Even if you do this a hundred times before you get a favorable result, it is the only way you will progress in Forex. Just remember, Thomas Edison failed over a thousand times before he created the light bulb.

Sometimes the solution goes beyond fundamental or technical analysis, although these are priority. It might be to supplement your income, so that the primary bills are covered. It might be to spend more time with the family. It might be a walk with the dog to clear the mind. It might even be to look at your diet, to see that you are eating enough protein or limiting the coffee intake.

We are all wired differently but one thing remains the same. The [type of] effort that you put in, is the [type of] effort that you will get out. Life is and always will remain a balance, so concentrate the good efforts and eradicate the bad ones.

Most of all, be honest with yourself and manage your time well.

Conclusion :

In conclusion, I once knew a man that fell in love with a trade and it cost him $30,000. Through the weeks that it took him to close the losing trade, he took credit to fund the trade, drank beer, smoked, ate badly, slept badly and barely bathed. He lost his home, as a result.

The happy ending is that he learned from the experience. He concentrated his efforts after that and rose again to become a very successful trader.

Best of luck !
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