Introduce Statement: Online Forex Trading Now not only Popular But also Very attractive work For us.we can Trade easily from Our home by Our personal computer or laptop and our smartphone like android I phone etc.No doubt Forex trading is very easy online work but earning not easy it is very hard & tough earning method but not impossible ,our good trading plan,our trading strategy will be helpful for our trading success.
Basic Forex Education:Before Start Live trading or Demo trading ,We need First Learn Basic issue of Forex Trading,we can improved our trading Knowledge ,our trading capability By Forex education.First time Novice trader don't Know ,What is Forex Market? How Forex Market work? Who gives us profit? What is take Profit ?what is stop lose?What is money Management? we can learn Many more by learning Forex education.So basic Forex education is The very important for us First time

Essential Forex Trading Tools:Forex Trading is online based trading ,so we need Stable internet connection,Desktop or laptop or smartphone.

Select Forex Broker :Forex Broker is very important part of Your Trading success ,many market maker Forex broker create more slip page for against Your trading ,so I think You can start Trading By Dukascopy or Dukascopy EU IBS as European Union license Investment Brokerage which is regulated By Financial And Capital Market Commission (FCMC) .So It is not only largest but also safe ECN Forex Broker For us
At Glance of Dukascopy EU IBS
Minimum Initial Capital:100$

Spread:minimum 0.1 EURUSD
Deposit ,withdraw :Bank transfer ,Credit card ,Debit card
customer support:Live chat or Phone ,email
Regulation:Regulated By FCMC
Platform:JForex ,Java ,web Mobile Bridge to mt4
Promotion:Equity Bonus,anniversary Bonus ,discount Program

So My Recommend open Live Account with Dukascopy and Enjoy Real ECN Broker Facilities.

EURUSD Low spread start from .1 pips

Open Demo Account :After selected Forex broker ,Now You can start Demo trading and increase Your trading capability and learn Forex trading from novice and You can apply You Demo trading experience when You start Live Trading after Next Step.

Open Live Account :Now it is time for live account after complete your demo practice area.You can open live account depend your capital ,Dukascopy EU For ideal For all novice trader ,because we can start live trading by investment only 100$ .
Verify Your Live account:after Open live account ,Now You need upload Your ID ,international Passport or driving and bank statement not more than six month and Wait For Your Customer manager call .
Make Deposit :After successfully complete verification procedure now You need make deposit to Your Live account for start Live Trading .You can make deposit Via Bank wire ,master card or visa card debit or credit.You can also make deposit via PayPal or Via Dukascopy payment .

Credit Card funding

Transfer Fund From DC Payment account
Login Your live trading account and transfer Fund from Dukascopy payment

Create Own Strategy:Most Of The New trader never create own trading strategy or never follow own trading strategy ,But Forex trading not game it is real Business ,so Your Decision is very important here .we can not earn or we can not save our money by follow other or signal ,so own trading strategy is very important.
Analysis Market :Market Analysis is very important part of our trading success ,we can not avoid it .Market analysis is two type ,technical and fundamental analysis ,both are important for your trading success.
Choose Risk management:Risk Management not only important but also Very essential for our every entry.we can save our trading and our money by risk we must follow risk management.

Broker Name : Dukascopy EU
Initial Deposit amount:100$
Daily return:2%
Monthly Return:2*22=44%
Daily lose:1%
Monthly Lose:1*22=22%
Monthly Net Return:22%
Final Equity will be after end of The month=Initial deposit amount+Monthly Net return=100$+22$=122$

Select Currency Pair :After risk management Now You need Select currency Pair For start Live trading ,I always recommended Major currency pair for our regular trading.I think major Currency pair is most safe and its movement very smart
major currency pair eurusd ,audusd,usdjpy,gbpusd

Choose Indicator :Now You need Choose Indicator for identify market trend and your trading success will be easy if You identify market trend .RSI is my no one Choice But If select any other .

Select time frame:Now We can select time frame ,it is always depend on Your trading strategy ,if You like sort or scalping You can Choose 5M or 15M or If You Want success by Long Trading select 4H or 1D or weekly time frame .

Choose Trade size :Trade size are related with risk management ,so You can choose trading size by follow Risk management.
I think Safe trading size for per 100$ is like below
trading size:0.01
Take Profit:40 pips
Stop lose:20 pips
Time frame :4H
Currency pair:eurusd

Open Order :Now Final step Of your live trading before take Profit .In this stage You should be more care ,look everything ,Your risk management ,trading size,currency pair ,stop lose ,take profit and finally open new position.

Currency Pair:EURUSD
Trade size:.0.01
Take Profit: 40 pips
Stop lose: 20 pips
time Frame: 4H

Use Stop Lose and Take Profit :Stop lose and Take Profit is the guard for our live account .Take profit and stop lose always depend On our risk reward but we can change our stop lose or take profit after login in our live trading platform any time .
Standard Take Profit and stop lose are below:
Take Profit:40 pips
Stop lose:20 pips

Take profit

Stop Lose

Be Patient For Profit :Finally We need control our emotion and wait for profit ,for successful trading Career ,Always Remember Patient is the Key Of Trading Success.
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