Needless to say a trader's job is thankless and routine.
A trader hardly gets the chance to smile or laugh as his compulsions are too many.
No other job can be as stressful as trading as it also involves
parting away with your money! From societal point of view parting away with
your money is unacceptable. Nothing can be more painful than parting
away with your money.

We hear every now and then that traders are
people with great adiction! The addiction of sticking to their computer screen
round the clock!!! Since trading involves money, Trader has no choice but to
monitor his positions constantly. Since forex is a 24 hour market, a trader
being in front of his monitor round the clock has become a common phenomenon.
Now let's prove that we are not only computer geeks but also have plenty of humor
in our bag....

We say “well begun is half done”. Hence let's
start the year cheerfully…with lot of enthusiasm…with lot of laughter. …lot of
smile on our face. To achieve this objective I have come up with some "out
of the box” strategies ....

 I will resume my article "de-stressing
the stressful trader "from next week...


As the month of November approaches, most of the
traders are exhausted…now they are desperately in need of a change. Now it
is time to switch off your monitor and take maximum out of whatever outside
life has to offer…Time for break…time for break from those routine…time to
celebrate…time to do whatever you feel….

Now let's start with 2nd week of October.......

The stages of a trader.......

End of October 2nd week….Completely

of October 3rd week ….Volcano is building from inside...

October last week….Now even relaxation creates tension!!.....

November 1st week…That's how he looks
....smoke coming out of his head!!!

November 2nd week.....the expression says it
all...he had too much...

 November 3rd week....Now its official.......

November last week....Volcano’s
too much.....can't afford to have more of it...

Now, without an ounce of doubt, it is time to look
for change....time to look for something different......something
unique....something out of box ......something nasty!!!. 


We are there to help you.....Here we bring 21
recipes of readymade strategies.....

Let’s start......

 Strategy 1: Form a detective agency to find out
who is quitting next.   

Strategy 2: Make blank calls to your

 Strategy 3: Count your fingers (and toes if
you still get bored). 


Strategy 4: Rearrange the
furniture, i.e. flick someone else's chair just to irritate him/her.   

Strategy 5: Send
mails from your yahoo-mail to your Gmail (and immediately Get to the Gmail and
see who reaches first, you or your mail?) and read   them   there,
and note down the time they take to reach there.  Then do vice versa.

Strategy 6: Watch other people changing their facial expressions while
working and try changing your expressions too.

Strategy 7: Try to stretch status meetings
as longer as possible, just by asking silly doubts.

Strategy 8: Have a two hour lunch; it's a
big social occasion.

Strategy 9: Revise last week's newspaper.   

Strategy 10: Hold "How fast my
computer boots" competitions.

Strategy 11: Practice aiming the coffee cup
into the dustbin.  

Strategy 12: Pick up phone and dial non
existing nos.

Strategy 13:  Make faces at
strangers in the office.

Strategy 14: Count
maximum no of applications your computer can open at time

Strategy 15: For Windows users....Move
things to Recycle bin and restore them. Then repeat this process. 

Strategy 16: Learn
to whistle.

Strategy 17: Make
full use of the comfortable sofa or table provided in the office and take a nap.

Strategy 18: Look at your colleague and make imagination of his/her face when he/she was 5 years old and...

Also imagine the mischief
he or she would have played....

Strategy 19: Do some decorative work at your Colleague’s
desk as your colleague has already gone on year end vacation...


Strategy 20: You can do some packing work as
well at his or her desk......


Strategy 21: Some horticulture work as


Now look at yourself! That's
how you feel!!!!

strategies outlined above are just an offer. Do note that accepting this offer
involves substantial risk. Any consequence/risk arising out of adopting any of
the above strategies has to be solely borne by the person accepting this


1.Though the strategies noted above gives
handsome results during year end ,they are also effective during month ends.

2.To start with, always use risk free or low
risk strategies....High risk strategies are only meant for experienced

3.Do not use same strategy multiple
times....change it...

4.Before adopting any of
the strategies above ,it is always advised to make at least  one
round of  instant survey of the surroundings.....

5.And last but the least, always evaluate your risk:
reward ratio before using any strategy!!!


Remember, smiling and laughing are cost
less but priceless medicines....

LoL - don't say  to me  - "balls
to you"!!!.

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