All of us would want to be able to beat the market at its game. I set out to study the patterns of candlesticks on any currency pair and I realized that on the one minute candlestick or any time-frame of candlesticks, you will never find twenty consecutive candlesticks without having at least two candlesticks of the same color coming right after each other. I then started to think of a way to figure out how to profit from that proven fact.And the answer was, the martingale system. Yes you heard me right, the martingale system. Don't go away yet, read on and see how you can do it at the same time eliminating risk.

As you can see on the image,the market most probably continues in its direction as the famous quote says, "The trend is your friend." The probability of having two green candlesticks coming one after the other is greater than the probability of two consecutive candlesticks with different colors. When I carried out my research I realized that at most, only ten consecutive candlesticks followed the pattern red, green, red green or vice versa. That is what made me come to the conclusion of a twenty candlestick system as that pattern can never be found over twenty candlesticks.

The signal is the previous candle. So after a candlestick closes red, you trade a put, if it closes green, you trade a call. Let me show you an image
On the image OTM means Out of the Money and ITM means in the money.

The arrows show the direction you should trade in relation to the previous candlestick. So we are increasing trade size with every losing trade. This is a system that gives you one dollar profit per every trade you put, given that the asset we are trading has at least 80% profit per trade. So when we increase trade size we get the money we lost from all previous consecutive trades plus a dollar profit.

Here is the scheme. $1.25 $2.8 $7.5 $18.2 $42.1 $96 $217 $490 $1104 and then $2485. These are ten options giving you ten chances of success, never will there be twenty candlesticks that do not have at least two candlesticks that have the same color.
So only when an option loses are you allowed to increase the trade size, after a winning trade we go back to $1.25. In the end the success of the system depends on your discipline and patience, also make sure you have a reliable internet connection.

With this system you can make $300 a day from an investment of $4463. You only need 15 days to get your initial investment. Happy trading : remember the key is, stick to the strategy and have a guaranteed $300 every ten hours you sit in front of the computer to trade. Happy trading!
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