Introduction: beliefs and Definitions


Hello Guys, I'm a big fan of markets and speculation. The markets are fantastic and wonderful. Markets are a unique social phenomenon.
Specular means to investigate, watch and meditate. The speculator is one who meditate, reflect, investigate, investigate, study and contemplate.
As traders and speculators are convinced and encouraged to look inside our hearts, peer into our psyche, inspect the graphs, evaluate and reflect on the news and macroeconomic data.


Traders must have a pure and honest relationship with money.The money for the trader is never the goal or purpose. Money is the justification for the trade. The money is only the measure of wealth we've created. Money is not our goal. We must work as a trader in the markets to forge genuine and real wealth for the community.

Many traders compare the market to a jungle. the jungle where the lion has to wake up every morning and run faster than a gazelle. when the lion is not fast enough. the lion does not eat. This is not trading. Boys passionately and fervently tell you this is not trading.
The correct view is: we are speculators. We are men and women who meditate, reflect and explore the price

The community receives benefit from speculators, speculators promote the efficiency of price and liquidity of markets (for more

What are the markets?

Markets are complex social systems (CAS).
A complex system is a CAS (Complex Adaptive System): a system with many components that interact with non-linear behavior (hardly predicable). In the CAS is not possible to predict the continuous transformation and alteration of the entire system.For this reason, some trading systems often work and often do not work. The forecast in a cas (in science) are impossible. In Cas: plans include risks. Traders and speculators are operating in a complex system (CAS). The Traders must learn to handle risk and uncertainty.

Risk and  uncertainty

Uncertainty: the probability that the event occurs is unknown.
Risk: the probability that the event is known to occur.

The risk is an oxymoron love / hate, boredom / passion. I love so describe the risk: The risk is that fantastic sunny day, that gives us joy. As a trader I learned to accept and overcome. The risk exists, and I can trust myself.
How did I do? I'll explain later (risk analysis).

The Project Trade Management
After this slender premise. I bring in a large interference between the trading, project management and new product development.

I will be presenting the tools. These tools are similar to those of project management. Are tools that cooperate and collaborate to improve our approach to trading. I called this discipline: Progect trade management. I was inspired to project management. These are the tools that I will present:

What is Project Trade Management?

It 'easy guys.
The " Project Trade Management" is the art of making successful trades.
 We need to make the trade fair, and we must manage it well (Progect Trade Management)
What is a trade?
A trade is a project, a unique effort to obtain a unique result and verifiable
 as each project involves a trade risk.
Risks must be cataloged before making the trade.

The trade plan (scope and success of the trade)

The trade plan indicates the purpose of our trade and indicators of success.
The trade must have a purpose. Let's start with this definition of Ludwig von Mises: "speculation anticipates future changes in prices, the economic function is to equalize the differences in price between different places and different points in time, through the pressure exerted on the production and consumption, (wikipedia).
 We must join two points in space and time.

 My purpose of a trade is: bring the price where it will go. join two points on the graph.
A metaphor for clarification: I go with my taxi to take antonio. Then Bring Him to destination. It's simple. When we put the money in a trade, the price is doing a tour on our taxis. The price will have to pay the price for the transport service.

My indicator of success is as follows: Follow the procedure, keeping the mind focused (see WBS). This to me is success in a trade. Money is not a good indicator of success. The correctness of the prediction, is not an indicator of success. Remember that markets are a cas Complex Adaptive System. In a cas predictions are impossible. The correct prediction as an indicator of success is an impostor.

WBS (Work Breakdown Structure)

A good trade it requires a good WBS. Approffondimenti For ("").
We split our trade / project into small work packages. Each work package should produce a measurable deliverable end result (For further information (
Now I show you my wbs of a trade:

WBS: hierarchical decomposition of work

Publish new articles and explain all of these work packages. Every trade requires the execution of all work packages. The execution of all work packages will give as output:
Entry level, stop loss, Take profit, risk mitigation actions; size of the position. Feasibility of the trade.

They are prosperous and delighted to tell you how you can take the project management trade, to enrich and develop your techniques. Friends Sustain.
I have in my heart a great principle: I show affection and interest in those shows me affection and interest. Friends, send me e-mail, write in forums, spread it, send it to your friends, write comments. This article creates value only if seen by many people. Roll it out and continue to write to the project management trade.

John Maynard Keynes said, the speculation is the art of understanding what the other market participants think about the future.
 the metaphor of the beauty contest: to guess which beautiful girl win a beauty contest, our opinion counts for little. understand what is the most beautiful woman is useless. To guess the winner must understand how the majority of jurors will vote ( wikipedia)

Sorry for the errors of translation. I am not a native English speaker. You can report errors in translation by email