Hello Everyone,today i would like to share my experiences with dukascopy contests.First of all,i would like to start with Trader's contest.

Trader's contest : - Coming to this contest,i have been participating since very long time but unfortunately i did not won any places in this contest.

Analysis on points with Trader's contest

  1. Performance Points : - These are points where i am failing i.e i am doing trades badly and at the end losing the capital and i am not even good at protecting the initial capital in almost 99% of contests.i think for winning in contest,the performance points really matter as it is traders contest but coming to what points we need to achieve is 140 points here is enough. For achieving 140 points,i think a 250k balance an average is enough after some observation.So,250k is really not that hard but all you need is consistent trades with profits.
  2. Subscriber points : - These are points where i am almost zero and i don't even have hopes that i earn these points.coming to these points,we need to do well since start or else need to have good track record in order to have some subscribers but i feel for winning the contest,these are not necessary.so,i believe in Zero points enough here and it even doesn't matter if we wont have these for winning in contest.
  3. Quality points : - These are the points i am good and i always can have very good points here and so coming to contest,we can easily have 50 points but anyway we can take as least 45 points in here because we only need to comply with conditional orders and its easy in my point of view.So,finally take 45 points in quality for winning a place in Trader's contest.
  4. Blog points : - These are the points where i am again good because we can daily post something on blog which will easily earn us 30 points by end of the contest.So for winning the contest lets take 25 points i.e if in case we might miss 5 days.

Sum of points : - >Performance points-140
- >Subscriber points -0
- >Quality points -45
- >Blog points -25

= Final Total -210

Finally if we thus get 210 points,we can really achieve any of top 10 places after been observation in this contest.So,thus i feel this is one of easy way for taking a place in Trader's contest.

Social trading contest : - Coming to this contest i have won in this and i would like to share some views on this contest as well.

Criteria for winning- We need to achieve top balance by end of month from signal providers.

My views for Winning here : - Before i share,i want to say that what i feel for winning on this contest may not work all the time but anyway i am just sharing my view.

  1. We need to select a very good trader who have a good track regard and subscribe him with 100% ratio.
  2. Don't subscribe for others until 10 days and thus you have full signals from the trader for 10 days and reason why i feel is may be if we subscriber to two or three or any other means we might get hedge trades i.e one might go long and one might go short and thus the result will be worst which what i feel and so fully leave on single trader subscription until 10 days.
  3. After 10 days if by luck the trader whom we chosen performing well,then add 10 subscribers who are good and also add them with 1% ratio,hence if the 10 subscriber whom we added did not perform well also we can be at top if single trader whom performed well with 100%ratio. Final result : - we might win in contest if trader has performed well with atleast 200% i.e trader whom we copied 100%ratio and as the other traders ratio of copy is 1%,their ratio will have not much impact on final result but anyway as i said this may not work all time but this is what i feel as a good strategy in this contest.

Fundamental Analysis contest : - Coming to this contest,i have won here and would like to share some of experience of this contest.

Analysis for winning Here - Again this analysis for winning may not work all the time and is completely my own opinion.

1. Direction analysis : - We need to do this correctly and for doing this correctly we need to have good command over particular news and also should observe the past performance and should finally put direction what you have thought after deep analysis.

2. Social points : - For having Social points,i think the best thing is we need to analyse as early as possible after the contest events are ready i.e when ever you see the events,you better analyse fast and predict faster than others,so that you get almost good points if you were in top 5 of whom predicted first.

3. Dukascopy points : -These are the points like bonus for you i.e if you have given a brief description supporting your prediction you will get good points and thus maximum chances of winning.

Final overview - Even though the prediction are completely depend on luck but if we be careful with the social points and dukascopy points,we might have more chances of winning i.e i several times lost due to low social points.coming to dukascopy points,these are really rare and almost none will get but if you keep on writing with detail description supporting your prediction,these might help you to win place if your analysis are right and also they might help at maximum times to secure first place as well if you have a very good no.of points in correct prediction.

Conclusion : - I Have Just shared my experiences on how to win in contest which i have experience and i have told what i felt is most important for winning in above mentioned contests.

Note : All the information which is presented in above article is completely my own opinion and it should not be treated as an advice.
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