The Woe Teaches (nevolya –“ woe”, “The hardship in life “ in Bulgarian language)

I would like to start my Forex business story with one of the most famous Bulgarian folk tales:

Once upon a time, there was an old woodcutter who had two sons. Every time he went to the woods, he took along with him one of them as a helper.

One day, the woodcutter put the oxen to the oxcart and told his sons:
- Come on, guys, go alone to the forest for firewood. I shall take a rest because I am very tired.

The boys were delighted that they could replace their father and drove the oxcart to the woods. Starting on their way, the elder son turned his back and asked his father:
- Dad, if we damage the oxcart, who will fix it?
- Do not worry, - replied the father - if it breaks, call the Woe, She will fix it.

The boys went to the woods. They released the oxen to graze and grabbed the axes. They started to cut quickly and chopped a lot of firewood and the oxcart got overloaded. The boys put the oxen to the cart and started their return home. Suddenly, just in mid course, the overloaded oxcart crashed and fractured the draw-bar “.What a mess! “How shall we drive back with this overloaded cart?”, asked the younger brother. Then, the elder guy recalled his father’s words and started calling the Woe:

- Woe! Woe! Come on! Fix our oxcart! Nobody answered.
- Woe! – Echoed in louder voice the younger brother. Come on, we are in trouble!
As far, there was no answer. It was getting dark and a pale moon appeared in the sky.

- Brother - said the younger brother - It is clear that this cursed Woe will not come. Who knows where she is! Somewhere ! Probably fixing another cart or lying under some tree! Let’s fix the oxcart.
- How? - Asked the elder. - It is not an easy job.
- We'll cut down a dry cornel-tree, make a new draw-bar, and voila!

Said, done. The two encouraged boys found a dry dogwood, cut it down, carved it, and made a new draw-bar for the oxcart. They managed to drive the cart back home. While offloading the fire woods, they told their father what had happened.

- Father, just in the mid course, the draw bar broked! We started calling the Woe. We shouted out our throats, but she did not answer as if she was sunk into the ground. Then we rolled up ourselves and made a new draw-bar, much stronger than the old one.

The father smiled and said: - Oh, guys, you were looking for the Woe in the wilderness, while she was next to you. The Woe itself helped you to repair the oxcart. Think about it a little bit and you'll see I'm right.

The story of my Canadian Forex business is very similar to this tale...

In 2004, my family - my wife, my daughter and I arrived in Canada. I was 45 but I believed in the new challenges. The road to the northern country was not easy. The procedure for obtaining the status of permanent residents lasted more than four years. We reached Canada and we hoped that the difficulties were left behind.

We spent the first two years with pathos and excitement. There was a new society, new friends and a lot of new interesting things to be explored. We brought with us the experiences of mature people and professional skills acquired in our life before immigration. We “knew” that all this will help us and will be assessed in the hospitable country where we arrived. We were convinced in this thought during the application procedure for immigration, built on the skills of the applicants for immigrant visas.

I am qualified in Physics and I have nearly 20 years of experience in the field of industrial quality control. My wife is even qualified in two degrees – a higher education in psychology and another as a register nurse - also with over 20 years of experience in some of the best hospitals in Bulgaria. We believed in Canada and hoped that sooner or later our merits will be estimated and we will find our new professional "place in the sun." Like the order of the father from the tale, we constantly looked for "Woe" in the face of the Canadian institutions going through development courses of language programs to align our training and education with the Canadian similar ones. In parallel, both of us started jobs which helped us to survive, but do not have anything in common with our qualifications. We had to do it because with us was our daughter and the care of her required us not only to learn and seek a new implementation .

Many difficult and painful years of "calling Woe" passed ... Neither I managed to get a job as a physicist or at least something close to it, nor my wife was able to start working in a hospital as a nurse. The reasons are many and complex and it makes no sense to list them here…But we are not lazy and weak people and we don’t call the “Woe... “ all the time! I worked many jobs - as a janitor, as a deliverer of publisac, as a security guard in a warehouse, as a factory worker, as a maintenance in a senior’s residence and as a doorman of a residential building. My poor wife also went through similar metamorphoses and the only consolation for her is that she does related to her qualifications -she is a caregiver for elders in one of the best nursing homes in Montreal.

In 2011, I finally realized that "Woe" is missing - just as the two sons of the tale. I had to find a solution "to fix the cart" - a career that somehow submits my education and skills and brings me to something I can actually do in Canada. This thing had to release me from my addiction to the Quebec language barrier and the unratement of the qualifications acquired outside of Canada that were the main obstacles in the search for an adequate job.

Therefore, at 52 years of age, I realized that "Woe" will not come ... I started studying stock trading. Finance, money and the "battle of the giants" of Wall Street, which until then for me was a part of the daily news on TV, but not the object of professional interest . Initially timid and uncertain, but with great perseverance, I read a lot of textbooks, watched dozens of hours of video lessons and perhaps, spent hundreds of hours to sample online in demo trading terminals. It was not so easy for my age. Meanwhile, I started trading with real money. Soon, came my first success, empowering me and my first failures, which, however, failed to crush my belief that the way to find the way to repair "the broken oxcart" is correct.

Now, in 2016, I am already 57 and my conviction is that I was on the right track and it is even greater and reasonable, because during the last two years, I fully deal with online stock market trading - in particular, the trade of the finance markets - Forex. This work brings me a lot of pleasure and good benefits. It is incomparable with any other job I've had so far, because I have the wonderful opportunity to work from home - something that is a dream for many professionals! I have no boss and working time, no restrictions on the possibilities of success as well as failure, of course, because the Market is a ferocious jungle where the stronger, more experienced and resourceful usually "kills" the other. What would make me more experienced, I continue to do it every day, by continuing to learn the intricacies of Forex trading. What would make me stronger is the need for more basic capital, which could support my business. I believe the goal that I have - to be helpful for my family- justifies all this efforts!

With this motivation, I write my Canadian Forex business story to your competition . It did not come to be in just a few words, but this is my story...
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