My Canadian business story 2 ... or how philosophically I found myself in the Forex trading.

In the first part of my story, I told you in details what I went through to get at my age to Forex as something, that I can now confidently call my business. In this second part, I shall try to interpret why I think so. We all have dreams, ideals and values. How often, however, we realize that they are crystallized clearly in our minds? The ancient Greek philosophers once said that:

"Happiness is the purpose and meaning of life, the overall sense of human existence."

When thеy have meditated on happiness, perhaps they did not mean just a cloudless and easy-going life. In fact, they connected it mostly with personal fulfillment. But this interpretation does not preclude the fact that the happy person sometimes also goes through periods of delusions, loss and sadness, depression and disappointment. What ultimately makes us feel happy is the profound and full sense that we are standing on the right path in life - the feeling that we are doing what we have skills and vocation for. In this context, according to the Greek philosophers, the opposite sense of happiness is not just sadness and despair, but rather some sort of emotional disorder - a vague but pervasive fear that allows the opportunities that life gives us to pass unnoticeably away. The guilt that we are destined for something more than what we have allowed ourselves to be, or what as we often say “the destiny prepared for us”.

That is why I am a follower of another, different from the ancient Greek concept of happiness, told differently by many thinkers and poets:

“Happiness is not a final destination but a way of travelling.”

It was not hard to figure out whether I am happy with Forex trading or not. It was enough to give into consideration how long I digress from my personal time for it and the feeling I have when I sit every morning in front of the monitors! Because when a person is infatuated with his favorite work, he lives and breathes with it, there is one dominant in his thoughts, not leaving him wherever he is, whatever he is doing. Some of you will think - well, what about the results? Yes, the moment when the increase of the amount of the account has become a trend and not just a pleasant exception also had a very important role in my self- esteem as a "happy trader." Now, not just the money is the reason to believe that I have found my business, but namely the soul satisfaction in it and this noble obsession of my whole consciousness about it.
Because, if you do not think at all about Forex, when you're not looking at the charts, then possibly currency market is not your calling. Can you imagine a doctor who cares for the health of his patients only in the hospital!? Or a priest who feels like a priest only while he is in the church !? When Forex trading is really a part of you and fills you with a sense of fulfillment, then probably this all-consuming obsession is everywhere with you and helps you analyze more precisely the market situations. Thus, every element of your everyday life suggests ideas and solutions for your personal Forex tasks. The right part of success in the Forex market is thanks to the ability to find the exact niche in which we do the best - tools, strategy, time frame and trading style. As well, the way we are intuitively constantly looking for our inner personal harmony, because that helps us to know better our capabilities. We think better when we feel better, right!? It is really a pity that in life there are situations where you just do not feel good – because of the way of life, health or other reasons. It is unrealistic to think also that it is possible to feel constantly OK in the Forex market. That is why it is said that in this business, before to learn how to win, we must learn how to lose…It is important, however, to manage to strike a balance between positive and negative emotions in our trade. If that does not happen, we should look for the reasons. It is possible that we make mistakes, or the market has changed in a radical way and we failed to adapt to it. It is important to assess whether the reasons are in us, outside of us or are complex, as in most of the cases. If someone claims that it is possible to trade the Forex market without emotions, I’ll doubt whether one understands the nature of the market itself. I'm sure that a lot of you will agree that the psychology is the most important thing in this business. I do not mean the banal reflections of greed, fear and herd instinct, etc . As far as we are responsible of ourselves and our families, the results of this trade are quite important for all of us. Whenever we put capital at risk, our feelings will accompany us and this is normal. The major challenge is to harness this emotional commitment to work for us, provoking us to give the best of ourselves. The task is very, very difficult, but not impossible to be achieved!

Years ago, I wondered and spoke with the colleagues through online forums if the Forex trading can be an independent business!? Now, I have my personal response - yes, trading can be a great activity with the potential for a complete and successful career, but only if we surrender to it consciously and fully! Also once, during my early years of training, I discovered somewhere in the wording of the internet the Lesson number 1 in the Forex trading:

“To operate successfully in the Forex market is necessary to know and clearly execute just a few simple rules. To learn these rules and properly apply them takes years…”

The road is long, but worth to go along! Good luck to all of you on this journey! Apparently, namely the success is the final destination…
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