Greetings dear friends. Thank You for your support in the last months. I feel motivated me to write even more elaborated analysis and explanation for the Constant Range Bars Charts, the Key Levels and the Timing Solutions (Entry and Exit from the Market).
   In this first article from March I would like to post the monthly view analysis, on the daily charts, for the Major Pairs: Eur/Usd (Fiber), Gbp/Usd (Cable), Aud/Usd (Aussie), Usd/Chf (Swiss Franc), Nzd/Usd (Kiwi), Usd/Cad (Loonie) and Usd/Jpy (Yen).

   As You know I conduct a weekly analysis for the major pairs, based on the 4 Hours time based charts and 35 Pips Constant Range Bars Charts. Because Today it is Friday and I do not have yet the weekly Pivots from next week, I will have to post another article on Monday with the weekly view.

   That is why We will only analyse the Daily charts in this first article from March.

   Our Daily chart analysis contains the following instruments:

- Monthly Pivots (Main, 3 Supports, 3 Resistences),
- SMA - 30,50,100 and 200,
- Trendlines and Channels,
- Supports and Resistences,
- Fibonacci Retracements,
- Volume analysis,
- Andrew's Pitchfork (new from this month),
- Fractals (5 Candles setup, new from this month),
- Candlestick formations.

We will proceed now with our Analysis.

1) Eur/Usd - Monthly View - March -  Daily Chart,


   The Fiber is trending down in a Channel on the Daily chart. If We zoom out we can clearly see the Downtrend channel and the fact that Eur/Usd price has retraced bullish to reach the 100 SMA and break it to reach 161.8% Pitchfork around 1.35 Level. We have almost reached the 61.8% fibonacci Retracement bullish and the Downtrend Resistence line.

   Bullish Probability could find support at 1.326 (Monthly Main Pivot line, confluence with 100SMA, maybe 30 SMA and 38.2% Fibonacci Retracement bullish). This is a strong Key Level for the bullish retracement in the Main Downtrend on the Daily chart. Even if the Volume looks bearish the price could find support at this strong level and continue the bullish Retracement to reach first 1.355( Key confluence between the Main Downtrend line and the Monthly R1 Pivot).
   Further, we could see a False breakout of 1.363(Important Key Level, confluence between 200SMA and 61.8% Fibonacci Retracement bullish) to reach the resistence at 1.377(Key confluence between 261.8% Pichfork and Monthly R2 Pivot). If We will have a confirmation of the False Breakout, as a candlestick Formation corroborated with strong bearish Volume, this would be a confirmation to enter short for a Downtrend Continuation.

   Bearish Probability could break the 1.326 Level (Key confluence between Monthly Pivot, 100 and 30 SMAs and 38.2% Fibonacci Retracement and also 161.8% Pitchfork). Price could reach first 1.304 Level (confluence between 50SMA and Monthly S1 Pivot, and also 23.6% Fibonacci Retracement bullish), retrace back to the Monthly Pivot, and continue downside to 1.275(Monthly S2 Pivot).

   Next, we could see a retracement back to 161.8% Pitchfork and then a bearish continuation to reach 1.263 Support. If this setup turns out to be a Double Bottom search for confirmation signals to enter long for a Bullish Retracement and even a Trend Reversal.

2) Gbp/Usd - Monthly View - March - Daily Chart,



3) Aud/Usd - Monthly View - March - Daily Chart,


4) Usd/ Chf - Monthly View - March - Daily Chart,



5) Usd/Jpy - Monthly View- March - Daily Chart,


6) Usd/Cad - Monthly View - March - Daily Chart,



7) Nzd/Usd - Monthly view - March - Daily Chart,



I apologize but I will have to post the written explanations for the charts in the comments section of the article during this week-end, because I have a very busy schedule Today and I have to leave the computer.

I take full responsability for the fact that I will self-comment my article, and the Dukascopy Team can remove the points from this comments if it finds it best suitable for the Article Contest. I really want this article to be posted Today, to share with the community my view of the Market for the month of March.

Disclaimer: Please take responsability for you own trading decisions.
I am expecting your valuable feed-back and comments.

To Your Success,
Doctortyby - Tiberiu
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