Friends, You a Fundamental Trader or a technical trader and you have great strategies , I mean after years of experience you have got such amazing strategies to trade the market. But still you have to master 3 characteristics to be successful in Market. I Realised that if you master these then only you can be a successful Trader. As I see, managing is the way to trade. And faster you manage your self, earlier you can be successful in Trading. These are

1. Fear
2. Greed
3. Confidence

Manage Yourself and Manage Dollars

As a trader I have many fears. And it comes to fear of losses, fear of missing out the trade . And worst maybe fear to break free of your comfort zone and be on success path . Maybe fear to succeed, who knows (you?) . What if you are too successful? Yes at present fear of success is also in management books. To break free and achieve what you can without fearing yourself and people around you.

Do, You fear?

Fear creates indecision, lack of confidence . It is a powerful force ; not giving many traders gain from trade is what they seek . In most cases , the fear has psychological origin . We know the origin of the fear , but this knowledge is not able to deliver us from it . Fear of losing money is a serious argument, but to get rid of this fear you can only if follow the rule of risk management in trading.

Second point I mentioned is greed . Greed causes traders to act irrationally. In any case, you need to realistically assess the various possibilities of the deposit and to satisfy their greed is best simply to increase the deposit and in any case not overstate the risks. Any trader who set out to material success in life, and even in the shortest possible time, begins to think so much about a new home, car, luxury, which allow the most absurd mistakes and lose money.

Are you Long Term Greedy? If Yes, Best.

We need to develop the confidence to deal with fear , as mentioned in the previous paragraph. But an excess of confidence or assertive ness should be kept in check for the trader which is not so easy to recognize.

This sums of all the emotion and keep you in check!

Confident traders are able to soberly assess themselves and their capabilities. Experienced and confident trader will never miss a good opportunity. He must answer, "Why not?" and very rarely, "but why?" . An experienced trader will always make choices, assessing the situation. Such cannot be said about the self-confident trader, who would argue that "the market should turn around." The market does not have to do anything. The trader trades according to the trend or situation. Remember this and be successful in your trades!
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