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My technical analysis tools are:

- Time frame: 1 hour
- EMA 20 60
- Stochastic 9-3-3 ---- LEVEL 25, 75
- RSI 14 - levels: 30, 45, 55, 70
- MACD 12-26-9
- FiboPivot hour week
- Bollinger 20.2.2.

Here is my platform:

the opening of the morning I look at the price (Eur / usd, usd / chf, gbp / usd, ecc ...) and position of the EMA 20-60 in long or short, and the MACD positive or negative position or if the current situation is stable

If the situation is stable ... I'm waiting ... I'm waiting ... I'm waiting ...!
It must never be impatient to open positions, we lost more quickly with a bad position open and much less for a long period without activity!

Perfect location to open LONG is:
20-EMA crosses 60 EMA on
Stochastic is low-crosses and amount
Macd-rises and goes UP
Candle-green fence crossing RSI pivot fence through level 55

Perfect location to open SHORT is:
60-EMA crosses 20 EMA on
STOCHASTIC-up is short and crosses
MACD-down and goes down
Red candle-end pivot RSI crossing fence through level 45

To stop position, must ALL tools are reversed at the same time

Stop BUY:


Don't Stop position:

6: THE MOST IMPORTANT: It is better to wait for confirmation before opening position early!

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Good Trading to all!

PS: This is not the only strategy for Forex trading, but it gives me very good results for the month of October.

Notice my evolution since 1 October, I had an absence between 8 and 10 October that remark about evolution.

It is important to control emotions and not leave an open position if indicators show the end.

I practiced Forex 2 years but my main errors are impatience to open a position, and hope to raise a few more pips indicators show when the end of the trend.

Always have confidence in its indicators and never hope that trend continues.

This is not the first attempt the results will be perfect, but with a few days of practice we see very quickly the development of tools and opening and closing positions will soon become instinctive and the pips begin to show and stay green!

Thank you for letting me a positive vote if you like this article
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