How To be a Pro-trader (part I)

I will start this article with “ahhh..that’s my dream…”

(ups  forget the rule
"i started trading..... and... it was
” **by dukascopy)

Heh, but that’s true, to be a pro trader maybe the dream  that all trader want to be, which is, in some
case  that dream grow and become  an obsession.  How pathetic s/he is.

To be a pro-trader really needs a huge effort, extra ordinary
work, and will spend so much time to reach

 Statistic say that 95%
trader fail , so why that’s happen?

I believe, all of you people that trading or i just call it
a trader (don’t care even he could make profit or not) are mostly a smart
person. They could be high educated, talented, have a strong motivation, kind
of person that always want to know, curious, but with that extraordinary characteristic
person many trader still lose money, Why?

Because Trading оn margin carries a high level
of risk to your capital and may not be suitable for all investors. 

Yes, you can read that statement in almost all broker risk
warning. (hahahaha)

Don’t laugh but that’s true, trading is not suitable for all
peoples, especially if you are using ‘leverage’.

Part I Leverage

Trading would be so easy and profitable (even for a child)
if you are using 1:1 Leverage.

 if you buy euro or  gold or pound sterling will the price going to
move to zero? sure, that almost impossible, Could be, but almost impossible.

Small trader with a small money been pushed to use a big
leverage, 50 ? 100? Even the craziest and the nice one is 1:1000

Traders  with small
money only have 2 choices, trading or not, if they decided to trade than use leverage,
if not than bring your small money away. And Sadly   In other
side, big guys  as counterparty has huge
money supply and resource

So  is it a fair game?

From the beginning, trader as the main object in this
business been putted in bad situation, the big guy with the ax ready to cut
your neck any time when you are over Lot, greedy, too much order, and so many
thing that trader could be wrong cause s/he just  a human that want to be rich (as soon as possible).

Is That’s destiny to be small ? maybe yes maybe no.

who is stronger they win, this old world has that rule.

Leverage is killing. That’s one of the reasons why you may won’t
arrive in the destination. Trader fail To be A Pro cause they been murdered on
the way.

So what should you do with leverage? You already know the
answer, it just you want it or not, to be a pro need  exercises, need so much time, better arrive but
late or just never, it’s your choice.


To be continue.. 




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