While the US Federal Reserve (Fed) has given up on printing money, the other major central banks continue to print. While sovereign debt around Vold continues to explode, most countries still have stagnant growth. The quantitative easing experiment failed to stimulate any economy, but he pushed the prices of stocks, bonds and property artificially high, as Bernanke said that, as many individuals an illusion of greater wealth. But this is only used a small number of people on this planet, and most suffer from a huge transfer of wealth.
While investors around the world use gold as a store of wealth, and many believe that is superior to any and all paper currency, gold price is currently stagnating well below its peak of nearly 2011 $ 1900 per ounce. This is a sharp dive halfway to 2013, reaching around $ 1.250 mark, and then fell below $ 1,200 at the beginning of 2014. Since then, it has continued to fall, and in November 2015 was trading below $ 1.100.Investor sentiment in terms of gold was very low at the moment and traders remain fixated on a possible interest rate hike from the Fed. However, the demand for physical gold is still very strong from Asian countries in particular China and Russia.

Many investors see a lower price of gold as a reason for some gold mines to close. However, still the majority of gold producers have decided to reduce costs but to shut down their operations completely.Miners have different approaches to making such cost reductions, including wage cuts and retrenchments. But perhaps the most common approach was to reduce the research. Many gold miners are directing all their money on their existing operations rather than looking for gold elsewhere. Although it is not a problem yet, many observers believe that the end of the gold market may be in short supply.Gold is different from other precious metals such as platinum, palladium and silver, because the demand for this precious metal stems mainly from its industrial applications. The value of Gold does not arise from its usefulness in industrial or consumable applications. This stems from its use and the world accepted as a store of value. Gold is money.The United States and many other Western countries have national debts, deficits and the right energy that is out of control. Their views are unsustainable. This, in turn, encourages central banks to behave recklessly, putting the world market - and money - in a very real danger. So the question you have to ask yourself, when again- as you think about your investments and savings - this: I believe my government to your money safe? If not, then you might want to put a part of their wealth in gold and silver bullion.In a world where the future supply of gold is uncertain and where the government and the central bank's reckless behavior ... there is a very real possibility that the price of gold goes up dramatically in the next few years.Gold is like no other class of assets. Gold is no risk. If you hold physical gold, you do not need the other party to fulfill the contract or promise. That is not the case with securities and almost every other investment.If you have gold, you can be sure you will always have a value at any time in the future. And, as shown in my example above, over the long term, gold will retain its purchasing power. One ounce of gold will buy more goods and services today as it was several years ago.History has shown us that every fiat currencies eventually failed. And when it happened, barter systems have always emerged. Gold and silver are the perfect barter accepted most of the world.The dollar falls, the price of an item will not mean much. Prices will rise rapidly. But, in this case, individuals who have the gold and silver will determine the value of its metal and decide what changes to expect and not traders.Although the gold price may be lower than investors would like, it is clear that the interest in the metal remains strong worldwide. Those who are interested in investing in gold is a good idea to remember as most markets, the gold sector is cyclical, which means that what goes down must eventually rise again.Gold Technical Analysis
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