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 , any time frame .


On our diagram we put
the EMA 13  and the Fractals ( up and
down ) .

We don’t need
anything else,  just these two things .

Use 1 hour time frame
or higher. The bigger the time frame the less the false signals  .

 -----So our chart is ready.

 Now let us see   how it
works . Don’t think that is something difficult.

 We watch for fractals to being formed. When
the current candle goes up ( penetrates ) the last up fractal  that was formed and we are over the EMA 13 ,
then we open a  long  position. When the current candle   goes
down  ( penetrates ) the last down
fractal and we are lower than  the EMA 13
,we open a  short position.

Now we had our
entrance for long   or short position  and we have to determine our target . That’s  where  we
are using the fibo numbers  putting the  0 % and 100 % to  the  up
and  the down  latest ( formatted ) fractals and target at  the 1.618 %of  fibo.

What about our
stoploss  ? This will be   the
previous opposite fractal or when the candle close below the EMA 13 ( if we are
in long position ) .

 Now let’s see an example : We take the EURSEK
pair and we see that we have a fractal (on the  13.2.2012 , 09.00)  at 8.80195 . After that we have an opposite
fractal (on 13.2.2012 ,11.00 )  at 8.81737.
This formation gets active when the candle of 13.2.201 ,14.00 penetrates down  the 8.80195 and we are below the EMA 13 . We
open our short position and we put our FIBO levels   using
for 0.00%  fibo  the 8.81737 and for 100% fibo  the 8.80195 . Our target is the 161.80%  fibo at 8.79242 . We catch   our
target at the candle  (on 13.2.2012, 14.00)
at 8.79242.

 We could use RSI besides the EMA , trying to
filter the signals or we could use a bigger time frame with EMA, only to
determine our major trend.   Of course
things could be more easier if we don’t wait for the 161.80% fibo  for  our
target  to catch , but just take the
127.2% fibo  that is closer to our
opening . It’ s your call. Another solution is to close partial our position at
the 127.20% 161.80%, 261 .80% fibo.    


So simple .


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