Time Frame: 15 min

Symbol: All pair

Take profit: 4 pips

  I'll write one of my most effective and simple strategies using the Fractal indicator.

  First go to the 15
min time frame
, then insert the fractal display (button indicators / bill
williams / fracta
l), here's an important part, fractal indicator on the screen,
the part that says "Number of bars on sides" put the number 5 . Once
you have done it will look like the screen below.

  After adding the fractal indicator, go to pictures and click on the picture rectangle that shows in the figure below.


  Now the search
chart is a strong movement upwards or downwards, after the wait indicator fractal
appears in the top and bottom, as shown in the figure below.


  After selecting specific points in the rectangle, dragging
the rectangle go expecting a break in the bottom or
top, watching the movement of the candles, and
afterbreaking open an order in favor of the disruption,
if broken down to open a sell, or else to open
a buy.

   You can also leave pending orders on top of these two
prices that are labeled with the rectangle.

Once open the order, expected to
close four pips of profit and close it. As
shown in the figure below.

  Important: This strategy is designed to get 4 pips, do not be greedy,
because on
several occasions
 you will see that could have picked up +10 pips or +20 pips, but as the forex market is very unpredictable, it is important to make a profit as soon possible and go for another operation.

  Soon after, the trade appears to wait another two
opposite fractals
, when this happens, repeat the same way that tracing the
rectangle in another operation. Example in the figure below.



  Stop loss: Put
the stop loss on the opposite side of the order of entry, as shown in the next

  This strategy is very good if you follow the steps and
not be greedy, opportunities arise all the time, noted above, we have only 6
on EUR / USD, this can
be done in all others. Discipline is key to success.

 Never operate in news or a large market swings, carefully follow the rules of operation, and always be careful with the market.

  Important Tip: operating schedules contraries in the markets of the currencies

  EX: EUR / USD operate in the Asian time.

  I hope you enjoy my strategy and it can help other
people as it helps me.

  Success to all.

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