The Forex is seen by many traders as an investment and Poker as gambling. However this view is changing. For some time Dukascopy joined the Poker at Community site allowing traders to participate in regular tournaments. In this article we see that the Forex and Poker are not so far, are more similarities than differences and Poker could be a good opportunity for Forex traders.


Poker[1] is a game of cards which is associated with betting and has defined a set of rules. There are many types of Poker with a lot of variations as for example the way the cards are hand out or which is the winning hand (the highest or the lowest). The more commonly played is Texas Hold’em[2] and it is the type of Poker that is available in the Ducascopy Community.
In terms of market building in Forex our contribution is extremely low but in Poker if it is a face to face we are controlling the market. Even at a table with 9 opponents our influence on the market building (Also known as pot building) is extremely strong. This is the main difference between Forex and Poker.

The Forex and Poker similarities

The following topics are the areas where there are more semblances between Forex and Poker.

  • Probabilities
Far beyond the image of a bluff game, poker is primarily a game of chance and to succeed we have to master the calculation of probabilities. In Forex for those who negotiates on the basis of technical analysis, the capital market is seen under a probabilistic approach. In the Forex it is not much different, we have to measure scenario, disruption of probabilities or maintenance of support and resistance and the expected ratio of gains and losses.

  • Discipline
It is true that, often, big business or big Poker rolls result almost genius moments. But most of the time the trading and Poker have less genius tears than people realize. Most of the gain comes from a rigorous discipline that tries to eliminate the most spontaneous decisions.So, the main goal is not be funny but winning money.

  • Pressure on decisions
The ability to decide in high pressure moments is a common feature between good traders and good Poker players. Psychological issues are quite important (e.g. trust, focus, concentration) and both the Forex and Poker offer several times these moments.

  • Using Stop Loss
One of the main trading rules is in before we put an order in the market, we previously define what is our stop loss. In Poker the use of Stop Loss is also a key. We can clearly define how far we can go in a certain play and have the discipline and determination to leave the game when this limit is reached.

  • The ability to stay out
Strange as it may seem, at Forex the ability to not negotiate and stay out waiting for good opportunities is an important factor for success. Poker, not yielding to the temptation of always being in the game and expect to have the right cards in the right position are important factors to have good results.

  • Money management
For many qualities that a trader or a Poker player may have, you must know and manage your bankroll. It is therefore necessary to know how to manage what percentage of capital put into each game or each entry to the market. If this management is not just made a number of orders or games that went wrong could destroy our capital.

  • The reading of the players
In Forex it is important to realize where to move the trends. It is very important to try to understand what is the general sentiment of traders and then will reflect the market. In Poker the opponent of reading is even more important. See the pattern of bets from opponents and some more psychological aspects to try to anticipate your moves is very similar to the technical and fundamental analysis in Forex.

  • The ability to take errors
Last but not least is the ability to face our mistakes and learn from them. Making mistakes is part of the learning process and both the Forex and in Poker is necessary to analyze what we did wrong. Even losing money, admit our mistakes are a success factor both in Poker as in Forex.


We have seen in this article that between Forex and Poker are more similarities than differences. Poker formerly seen as gambling is now seen as an investment which can be applied some of the techniques we use in Forex. In turn we also have much to gain in the Forex apply the teachings of Poker.
The Community Dukascopy regularly offers tournaments for traders to apply their knowledge and win prizes that can then negotiate through Forex.
In Forex as in poker does not always win who has the best hand or the best entry to the market. Nevertheless who has the knowledge of the medium and long term will have better odds of winning


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[2] http://www.pokerology.com/lessons/basic-rules-of-poker/
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