Best strategy for news trading I have ever know and at the same time which makes good profit in long run and I have given its name as Double rocket because we will be waiting on both sides to get lunch to sky high in seconds. Rockets are always too dangerous so proper money management requires otherwise we will be busted mean to say our account will become zero in minutes.

In the above picture please check his standing position it’s exactly looks like double rocket position it looks funny but very dangerous. Let’s assume that you’re standing on both the cars and you want to catch the Flight but you don’t know which car will reach the airport and don't know the drivers performance so you decided to check drive capacity and standing on both cars.

Now you have three outcomes:

1. If you selected right car then you will catch the flight and reach your destination.

2. If you selected wrong car then you will get down in the half way and cancel the flight.

3. If you decided to ride on ride on both cars then you will die (Forex account zero) if there is no proper safety.

When and how to apply double rocket strategy?

1. Double rocket will work only at the time of major news release because it requires good volatility. In case of not much volatility still we are good because No Loss No Gain.

2. Let’s assume your Fundamental Analysis failed still you can make profit by using this strategy with proper money management.

Above picture is 1H chart of USD/CAD at July 12, round 14 GMT news of BoC Interest Rate Decision from Canada. Let’s apply our double rocket strategy for above chart.If you have information of previous rate hike news pip volatility then it will be good. Let’s assume now time is 13:30 GMT and we will setup the double rocket for CAD rate hike news and consider last 15 one hour candles and find out the high range (1.2940) and low range (1.2895) for that time period.

Now place the order on both sides, buy for upside and sell for downside:

1. Buy 5 pips above entry from the high range of last 15 sessions in the above example we will create buy order at 1.2945 and take profit is the range of last 15 sessions i.e. 1.2985 and stop loss should be half of the take profit i.e. 1.2935.

2. Put an sell order below 5 pips of last 15 sessions in the above example we will create sell order at 1.2890 and take profit is the range of last 15 sessions i.e. 1.29850 and stop loss should be half of the take profit i.e. 1.2910.

3. In the above example we got profit and we are good but sometimes we need to take at the moment spikes, because spikes touches both sell and buy order and come back to normal range and trigger both order stop loss. In this case it will blow your account so use option of if, one side trade executed then automatically another side trade should get close so that you will lose less.

4. If you put large take profit it may not cross the take profit and after news it may come back to normal range if the news was not major.


Double rocket strategy winning probability is 63% and it’s not bad. To increase the probability of success keep it in mind all the key points and apply all the rules before placing the order and believe in the system and it will make good profit in long run with proper money management.


Don’t use high leverage and I recommend to use 1:3 ratio for live trading with double rocket strategy.
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