So many opinion that long term is the best
trading, maybe it’s right but maybe it’s wrong for using Meta 5, why ? because
if in Meta 4 goes up/ down 1 point, in Meta 5 will be 10 points, very lots of, and with Ichimoku, and in my opinion for the short term is the best one
from the other indicators, and this Writing I will explain, and I hope all
Readers can enjoy it    


Kinko Hyo
 (一目均衡表 Ichimoku Kinkō Hyō) usually just called ichimoku is a technical analysis
method that builds on CANDLESTICK charting
to improve the accuracy of forecasted price moves. It was developed in the
late 1930s by Goichi
Hosoda (
細田悟一 Hosoda Goichi), a Japanese journalist who used to be
known as Ichimoku Sanjin, which can be translated as "What a man in the
mountain sees".

Ichimoku Kinko Hyo translates to 'one glance
equilibrium chart' or 'instant look at the balance chart' and is sometimes
referred to as 'one glance cloud chart' based on the unique 'clouds' that
feature in ichimoku charting.





1.     Tenkan-sen (Red) 

By default the line is calculated on a 9-period basis, using the
highest and lowest prices in this period.

The formula is: (highest
price + lowest price)/2
 Notice that this is slightly more
different than the SMA (high 9), because the SMA (simple moving average) will
take the sum of the highest prices during this 9 period and then divide it by 9
or (p1+p2….+p9)/9.
This way the Tenkan-sen is more conservative, but it is also a more accurate
level of support than the SMA (high 9).

2.     Kijun-sen (Blue) 

This indicator is calculated using the same principle of the
Tenkan-sen, but instead of the 9-repiod basis, here we have a 26-period basis.

3.     Chikou Span (Green).

This is an extremely powerful and interesting feature of the Ichimoku
indicator. There is no fancy and mysterious calculation here, Chikou Span takes
the current closing price and takes it backwards 26 periods.

4.     Senkou Span A

This is the first ingredient of the most important Ichimoku function the
Ichimoku Cloud. Senkou Span A finds the average of the Tenkan-sen and the
Kijun-sen and takes it 26 periods forward.

5.     (Tenkan-sen + Kijun-sen)/2 and then shifted 26 periods ahead.

You may ask “Why do you need this?” Well, there are two main reasons:

The Senkou
Span A represents a level of equilibrium and the price itself respects the
prior resistance and support levels, so if you use this indicator, you can
quickly see where is the price right now, compared with the former strong
levels. The Ichimoku cloud, but we will dig into this later on.

Senkou Span B (Black) – This is the other piece of the Ichimoku cloud.
The Senkou Span B is also a level of equilibrium, but the time period is much
greater. This line is calculated using the same technique as Senkou Span A, but
the data is from the past 52 periods and the result is again taken 26 periods




So, I like writing the definition 1 like : This indicator is calculated
using the same principle of the Tenkan-sen, but instead of the n-period basis, where
n-period basis are the positive number.

Continuing again what we have discussed above, why I said positive
number ? if you see my picture of Ichimoku below, there’s only X Axis Positive, not minus .

So, we can see the different of n-period basis with the fixed number
like 26-period basis ? So after you can see the different, so I like using not
for the fixed number for all 5 elements in The Ichimoku, because if I use the fixed
number, there are so many error and distance so that some of you maybe don’t
like using this Indicator, but for me, I like using this indicator, because
very powerfull.  

The next question, maybe one of you ask about how can I choose the
n-period basis for the rightly Ichimoku, for explaning more, I will explain in
the next article, where how to choose n-period basis based on my result of the
research, just named it “My Censor and My Space”  

So here my definition for the elements in Ichimoku based on the My Censor and My

Definition 2

Tenkan-Sen = Conversion Line = n , for the n

Kijun-Sen = Base Line = n , for the past n

Chikou Span = Lagging Span = n

Senkou Span A = Leading Span A = n,

Senkou Span B = Leading Span B = n , for the
past n periods, plotted n periods.

Where n are The Positive Number

Some of you may think that, why
so simple ? where is the for instance  (Tenkan-Sen + Kijun-Sen) / 2, for the Senkou Span A ?

And answer, maybe
it’s simple, but for making the right for n number is very hard and long way,
if I want to use My Censor and My Space, and in my Space there’s no
relationship for the sum  (Tenkan-Sen +
Kijun-Sen) / 2, or sum for (the highest high+lowest low)/2, because all point
for Ichimoku still inside of the space of Ichimoku, and remember the Chart
Movement for this system not depends on the day like has been mentioned in
Definition 1.

And for the
definition 1, for analizing with that definition, so many web that has been
explained in there, you can know more in there, but in this article I want to
explain with using Definition 2, where the time frame as noted in Picture of
Meta.So here’s my
explaination with using My Censor and My Space that used in Ichimoku Indicator
as below after you see the Picture 1



Picture 1.

Ichimoku With The Time
Frame 5 Minutes


          In Picture 1, there
are 5 lines with color white, blue, green, pink, and red color, before
explaining more, I will use different like Ichimoku Definition 1, where

1.     White
Color is the X Axis

2.     Red
Color is the Period, where the Period follows the Y-Axis, and limited by X
Axis, so for all number of periods are assumed by Positive Number for every

3.     Green
Color is the Generator for Buying and Selling Movement

4.     Pink
Color is the Generator for Opening Buying and Selling Movement

5.     Blue
Color is the Measurement for the Buying and Selling Movement


Now take a look for
white color, see the square line with yellow color, the white color goes up, it
means that the signal for the chart movement will be up with the 2 period,
where it can be compared with the red line or The Period, as seen below




Picture 2.

White Color With The Time
Frame 5 Minutes


Now take a look for
blue color, see the 2 square lines with yellow color, the white color goes up,
and the other side goes down, it means that the signal for the chart movement
will be up and down go to maximum, where with the other word, the measurement
for buying and selling both of them will be maximum, as can been seen as below


Picture 3.

Blue Color  For Buying And Selling With The

Time Frame 5 Minutes


Now take a look for
blue color, see the 2 square lines with yellow color, but both of them are goes
down, where the one is very short, and the one again so very long.

The Different
between short and long (if we use the candlestick simpler) is the candlestick
is short or long, or in the other word, the candlestick movement will be piece
by piece or not, so it all mean that the measurement for selling position will
be the Global Maximum and The other will be The Local Maximum, as can been seen
as below


Picture 4.

Blue Color  For Selling With The

Global Maximum and Local

With The Time Frame 5

This is what I mean, why the best for trading
short term using Ichimoku and combine with My Censor and My Space, and if I have
to wait for long time, I don’t want to, the fact is every point in there is
money, although I prefer like saying all points I can catch it, more than I have
to say profitabl an i will explain more the all realtionship that have been shown in the pictures






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