There is a lot of noise when one tries to trade Intraday, how do you make your way through this noise just to get that one right entry and ofcourse the right exit. Trading intraday is a challenge but then what in life isnt??

We consider that all prices move in waves, this valid to all Time-Frames we will just apply it on the lower time frames.

Trade with the current Trend & by the current trend I dont mean the monthy or weekly trend but coz we are focussed on trading Intraday we are concerned about the daily trend. Let say we are working on the 5min TF, then we are concerned about the 30min Trend. If the 30-min TF is bullish we go only long and if the 30min TF is bearish we take only short enteries and if it is in sideways we either trade the extremes are wait on the side-lines.

Identifying the trend is not to easy. Trendlines are very handy, a very simple Can be used for lower risk entries and determining stop loss strategy. Focus on trading with the dominant trend of the day. When that trend shifts, begin trading with the new trend.

Follow the news. See if there are any major news coming around and follow it. News can drastically change the direction of the trend are give huge moves in the already on-going direction be prepared for what ever the news is. If the news is favouring your position and market gives you the sign that it will favor your position add to it. If the news is against your position bring your Stop-losses closer.

To take enteries or add to them, wait for the pull-back. Dont be feared that the markets will just runaway and you will left in the sidelines & if it at all happens let it be, markets are going to be there much longer than you are me, so there is no hurry.

When you enter into a position enter many lots and keep taking profitat regular intervals, you can re-open this position in a pullback, so there is nothing to worry just a way to make more money.

When the markets seem to be reversing, step aside and watch what the market is doing, and if you just have to take a position take only 20-25% of your actual positions size. When you are unsure there is not point in praying to god. He is very busy!!!!

So bascially take low risk enteries. Pyramid on your winning positions and keep taking regular profits. Thats the way to go.

See ya guys...
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