This article is about to use the belt in ‘tool’ in JForex which will allow changing custom period selection on time base period and price base period. It is our (traders) normal tendency to use the default values of any platform. This practice limit us to use only common values/seating of the platform, although platform has many other options available that may be used for to test some new strategies and implanting new idea. Jforex is powerful forex trading platform that can give us a very flexible trading environment, with many other features it also provides a comprehensive selection of customized period selection.

Types of Chart Periods
There are two basic types of charts Period.
  • Time based chart
  • Price based chart
Time based chart
Time-based chart draws a new bar after a set number of Time intervals, for example after every 5 minutes. All bar, line, and candlestick charts are time base charts.

Price based period
Price based chart draw a new bar after a set number of trades, for example after every 50 trades. All Renko,
Line Break, point and Figure and Tick bars charts are The examples of price base period charts.

Default charts values of J forex
By default Jforex have Tick,3Ticks, 10 seconds,1,5,10,15 and 30. Minutes, 1 and 4 Hours, 1 day, 1 week. and 1 month, I PIP, P&F(1 pipx3), Renko1 pip and 3 line break charts.

Customize the chart
you can change both time and price values of charts in JForex platform,To start, launch JForex platform and open tool menu by left click on it , In this menu, you will have preferences options
see the below picture.

left click on "preferences" button, A new page will appear.

In this page you will see 7 different option buttons , left click on the "period" button, it will open" custom period selection" . In this page, you have two selection buttons i.e "time base period" and "price based period"..

Select the button which you want to customize, for example, if you want a 20-minute chart, then select the Time-based period button. now you have two options filled i.e "units" and "Time frame". in this case, you want to customized minute chart so select "Min" in Unit field and select the desired value in time frame filed. i.e 20 minutes in this case.
now click on the "add" button. The 20 minutes value show in the column on the right side. The final step is to click the "OK" button.

you have done it. now you can see 20 minutes selection in your JForex charts.The same procedure can be used with different values in both Time based period and price based period.

The last point if you want your default setting back again then just click the "default" button your default setting will be restored, or you can delete single value by selecting desired value and click on "delete" button.


Jforex is the very powerful flexible trading platform that can give traders a lot more options to test new ideas. time and price values play pivot role in charting. we can use custom period selection option of Jforex for testing new ideas/strategies
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