Firstly :One Day Freelance Outsourcing Was Very Popular Online Earning Method But Now Forex is More Popular Than Freelance Outsourcing ,because Now Forex Trading Open for All Country and Initial Deposit is Very low .So Now Many People From any Place In The World ,Start Forex trading By using internet.
Secondly : Forex Education Factor-Forex Trading is very easy Online Earning Method ,any body Can start Forex Trading From Home without higher education or Contact with any Person but it is very hard For Regular Money Earning From Forex market ,so We need First Learn About Forex Trading and Forex Market.Forex market is Biggest Financial Market and it is also Most Volatile ,so Our Forex Education will be Helpful For our Successful Trading career In Forex Market.
Thirdly: Demo Practice Absent -Forex Education Is The First Requirement For novice Trader But secondly We need Increase our trading experience by Demo Trading practice,Most Of The New Trader start Forex Trading Without enough Demo Trading practice ,so They can not understand trading idea ,trading mistake.We Know Demo Trading is The Key Of Trading Success ,so More Demo Trading practice is The Chance of More Trading success.
Fourthly: Select Wrong Currency Or Pair -Many Trader want immediate Earning ,so They Choose High Volatile Cross Currency Pair ,as result ,They Face Big Lose and account will zero with Few Hour or Few day .We can Trade By Cross Currency ,if we have more Trading experience and We have enough Trading fund. But Major Currency pair Always Safe For Our Trading career.

Major Currency Pair

Good and Right Currency Pair with best parameter
AUDUSD One Of The Popular Currency Pair For New or small Forex Trader.
If You have Minimum 100$ You can start Forex trading Via Dukascopy Europe and Use AUDUSD
Initial Deposit :$100
daily target:3%
Trading Volume:0.01
Take Profit:30 Pips
Stop Lose:20 Pips
Currency Pair: AUDUSD

EURUSD Currency Pair:

Eurusd is The Most Popular Currency Pair In Forex market. It is also Most trade able Currency pair for its low Spread But Recently its movement was very fast so I think we need best Capital for safe trading by eurusd.
You can start 100$ With Dukascopy But 200$ My recommend
Initial Deposit $200
Daily target:1.5%
Trading Volume:0.01
Take Profit:30 Pips
Stop Lose: 20 Pips
Currency Pair:EURUSD

USDJPY Currency pair

USDJPY is another Popular Currency Pair For Forex Trader ,But We need Enough Fund For Trading By USDJPY Because Of It smart Movement
Initial deposit: $300
Daily target:2%
Trading Volume:0.02
Take Profit:30 Pips
Stop Lose: 20 Pips
Currency pair :USDJPY

USDCHF Currency pair

USDCHF is the Currency Heaven ,so Many Trader Invest and Trade via USDCHF Currency Pair ,we can start Real Trading via Dukascopy with minimum 100$ Deposit and start trading with Heaven Currency pair USDCHF But My Prefer Deposit for safe Trading Minimum 300$
Initial Deposit:300%
daily target:2%
Trading Volume:0.02
Take Profit:30 Pips
Stop Lose:20 Pips
Currency Pair :USDCHF

Fifthly:Lack Of Strategy-Many Trader Not Create own Trading strategy ,They always Depend on other or They follow Other Trader signal But Forex Trading not One Hour or One day ,if We are want Build up our Career in Forex market ,we should be follow our own Forex trading strategy
sixth:Money management factor-Money Management is The Heart Of Forex Trader ,without Money management we can not save or protect our money and account .Money management is the Safe Guard Of Our Money and Trading account .
Here Example Of Money management:
Trader initial Deposit :$500
Trading Volume:0.05
Daily turn over: 2%
And Trader can set any amount Take Profit or Stop Lose .

Seventh:Stop Lose & Take Profit Factor-Another Mistake By Forex Trader avoid stop lose.We Know Forex market is The Most High Volatile Market ,so we need use all system of Trading For protect Our Money.Stop lose always Depend On Trader initial Deposit and trader can set any amount Take Profit ,But Ideal Stop lose and Take Profit are Below
Initial Deposit: $1000
Trading Volume: 0.10
Stop Lose: 20 pips
Take Profit: 30 pips
Daily target: 3%
Forex market is Real Earning Ground For all people ,so we can Earn or We can Build up our career By using Forex market ,But We Need More exercise and More Forex education For successful Trading career ,Other wise our Confident will Lost to Forex market,So First Learn Than earn.

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