Today I want to show you my final step in my trading strategy.

Part 4 of 4

All together now

So you know, what Camarilla means.

You know how to draw trendlines.

And you know how to set the Fibonacci Levels.


In this step, we let them work together.

As you can see on the pictures above, there are different Camarilla Levels,
Trendlines and Fibonacci Levels drawn. So you have important levels for your

In the 1st picture you can see the Camarilla Levels. So you wait for an
trendline, draw the Fibonacci Levels and Camarilla Levels and take a Trade,
where 2 of these Indicators come together. Sure it’s better to have 3
indicators work together, but if 2 of them say yes, take your trade.

Trades in the 1st Picture (Zoom of Picture 2)

e.g Point 7, you have a Trendline and an Camarilla Level, which are
supporting. You just wait, till the price touches the trendline and make your
trade. Entry @ Trendlinetouch, your SL = L4 Level (a little bit below) and TP =
L1 or Pivot. Depends on your opinion.

At point 8, same again. Trendlinetouchdown = Entry, SL = L4 (a little bit below)
and your TP minimum L1 I’d prefer the Pivot Point

And Point 9 you see the H4 Level, which is reached andbroken for a short
time. So you get into the Trade at H4 Level, set your SL a little bit above the
trendline and your TP ist he Pivot Point again.

In all 3 trades you’ll have a ratio of minimum 2:1; Winning pips are larger
than your loosing pips.

Trades in the 2nd Picture

The 2nd picture shows nice trades too. At Point 4 you make a trendline, because the price want's to break this level but is supported there. You see the 0% Fibonacci Level, which has been broken. Afterwards the price is climbing up and breaks the FIBO 0 Level from below again. This means, that the drawn Fibonacci Levels are very expressive. You see the Camarilla L4 Level, which is between FIBO 23,6 and 38,2.

So you get a trade opportunity. Short trade at Arrow 4.1; SL = next FIBO Level and TP is the 0% FIBO Level

Next trade opportunity is a long trade at Arrow 5.1; SL is below your trendline and your TP is the H4 Level again.

At Point 5 you get another resistance Level and you draw your trendline. 50% FIBO Level has been touched, so it is again a very expressive Trendline and FIBO Level. So short trade breaking FIBO 38,2 with SL @ FIBO 50% and TP @ 0% FIBO Level

Next trade opportunity at Arrow 5.1; Entry @ 0% FIBO, SL = below your trendline and TP is the 50% Level again.

Your first loosing trade you'll get a little bit before Point 10, because you take a long Trade @ H4 Level and ; BUT if you look at Point 10, you'll get a huge Win Trade, because the Trendline is broken and afwerwards resisting and holding. So you'll get into a short Trade, SL = H4 Level and TP is running with Trailing Stop, because Trendline is broken and an resistance Level.

So you see, the only thing you need is time to draw the different Trendlines, Camarilla and Fibo Levels.

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Thank you and wish you all the best in trading!

Greetings from Austria!