In this Article i focus on different and most perfect strategy of doing Binary option or Scalping , our first part i showed u how to use the Bollinger band and William % R and this article i show u some complex setup, but its much perfect giving signal for entering in trade. In this u need 15 min chart setup and we enter trade for next 15 min time frame expiry only. So lets have a look on chart setup and entry of trade.

Setting up Chart :-
Choose the currency pair such as like EURUSD and set time frame 15 min and add Indicator ,
  1. main price chart add Bollinger band (20,2)
  2. RSI value(7) ,level (20-80) and insert EMA value(20)
  3. Stochastic value (5,3,3) ,level (20-80)
  4. CCi value (14),level(100,-100) and insert EMA value(20)
Once u add all indicator charts will look like this as shown image below :-

Buy Trade 1st condition :-

When RSI value is above 20 and Ema cross Rsi, Stochastic value above 20 and trending up and CCI value above -100 and EMA crossing CCI and price is above Lower Bollinger band, we enter in Buy trade as shown in below chart :-

Note :- Always enter 1 pip lower then last candle close and the trade is for current 15 min candle close only.

Buy Trade 2nd condition :-

As same first condition but some time current candle will be fail so in that condition we enter again for 2nd attempt as like chart shown below :-

Buy Trade Loss condition :-

When 1st condition fail we go for 2nd condition but if both condition fail we not entered in trade and stop trade for 45 min that particular pair , fail scenario of buy trade condition as shown in chart below :-

Note:- Next week article i show u Sell condition on this strategy,sorry for it because i cant add more images in this article, so wait for next week to see sell condition, Thank you .
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