Hello every Community member,As u know my mostly post on article is related to Binary Option trading,today again for Feb month my first article is again related to Binary option trading and in this article,i show you how to trade Binary option with Fundamental Analysis Contest prediction.

Benefit of Binary option with Fundamental Analysis :

1) If you are good in Fundamental Analysis and your success ratio is good there you can easily make money in Binary option.

2) If you do not have much to spare all time on system,you can just put trade as Fundamental analysis contest prediction.

How to Trade Binary Option with Fundamental Analysis :

First we have to look each day on Fundamental analysis Contest page and to look which pair have upcoming Economic event and what to predict.

Example :

I took current Economic event of USD/RUB as on 3rdFeb,which is need to come at 10:30 GMT.Now we have to look what the data is and what we have to predict,if we suppose that USD/RUB will be Strong for next 10 min we give the buy order in USD/RUB and if we Bear on it then we give Put order in Binary Option.

As shown on Figure :

So Interest Rate Decision data is there,which is 18 hour and 51 minute to come and voting will be closed @ 10:28 GMT but in Fundamental analysis contest they took rate of USD/RUB of at 10:29 GMT so we also have to give order in Binary Option for 10:29 GMT.

Figure 1.0

Now we finally decided to give trade of Binary Option,so we place the order as showed in figure 1.0 we follow step -

Steps for placing trade -

  • First we select pending option.
  • Second which side what our prediction Call or Put as per our decision we select call or put for that pair.
  • Third select pair of prediction.
  • Fourth Fill amount as per our need.
  • Fifth select date when the predicted pair having economic event.
  • Sixth time at which economic event trigger.
  • Seventh duration of position i select 11 min because 10 min is event occur + 1 min before the event get trigger price will took.
  • Eight send order.
  • Ninth after all above eight step trade will shows you in pending option and it will trigger as on given time suppose if you to cancel you can also cancel before the trade get trigger.
Finally we all done and now its time for output whether the decision which we took is correct or wrong,is that so simple to trade binary option if we are good in Fundamental Analysis,like this we can place all order.

Conclusion :- Binary Option trading with Fundamental analysis can save your time and also less hectic,just need to predict and you done,no need to work on technical and all,because we all not good in technical so work on Fundamental news event and earn profit.

P.S Note - Binary option trading with Fundamental Analysis is goof for those who are good in this only.

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