we already know
that can make people rich suddenly and broke immediately, but did you know that the strategy I use is a strategy that can make people rich within 1 week.

low risk high return
with little risk we can recoup in a short time.

This strategy of using the manual method of trading, scalping.

This is a direct example of my trading
you can access:
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Starting with me uploading this article

Scalping is a quick way to get profit. by taking a few pips and a short time.
it's just that not everyone can.and not all brokers can be used for scalping method

if you think you have this power, then you can make a small profit with no risk of losing a large amount. The risk here is limited by the speed that you can to make your transaction.

Unfortunately, scalping strategy also calls for significant funding. However, on most platforms you can use the leverage that allows you to access at low prices. Be careful however not to start with too much leverage. Prefer low leverage will increase gradually.

Now let us see how the forex scalping. First membuka.Diberikan at least 100 000 units. Within minutes you can get a small amount of money provided to cover your position quickly, even if the trend continues to grow in your direction. In this way, you win for sure profit even if it could be more important if you had waited a long time. The purpose of scalping is not to win, but a large amount to double profits by moving towards zero risk.

To achieve such a feat, however, need to trade in a highly volatile market. Be careful to choose the cross where you have good visibility and you know the trend.

Carefully choose a broker with whom you conduct your transaction. Indeed, some of them do not allow the closing of the position for several minutes, which is sometimes too long to properly implement strategies for scalping. Take all necessary information before you start by contacting customer service examples from the broker that you want. However, you will find a platform that plays the game by offering a special account designed for forex scalping.

This method can be used for short-time trading. This indicator was already proved successful.
Here's how:

     Go to chart EUR / USD at TF 5 minutes
     Parabolic SAR indicator pairs 0:03, 0.6
     Slope indicator pairs. Please download the Slope Indicator here.

     Entry ----> long / short when the two indicators above the compact.
     Exit ----> if Slope opposite parabolic SAR indicator
     ----> Reentry back in line when the slope of the indicator with the Parabolic SAR
     Finally confirm with TF 30 minutes. when both are in line you please start the Open Position.

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