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Automation for Retail Investor

  • Until some years ago when automation was mentioned an image of Dealing Rooms at some large investment bank or inner sanctum of a Hedge Fund's operations would have come come to mind but now the automation is more widely available and utilized than it was ever before.In a way it is empowerment of the retail investor too that tools such as MetaTrader4 trading platform are available and free to use.The retail investor can use the same platform to harness the power of automation for his personal use from the comfort of his living room.Tading Automation for the retail investor has been made possible on Platforms such as JForex and the platform itself is the the main tool for automation of the trading process.These can be semi automatic or fully automatic.An experienced trader can make use of them as an aid to his trading while there are trading strategies which even a novice can setup using Jforex at Dukascopy and enjoy the leisure of free time at his hands in addition to profits he can make while he  plays golf or teaches his son a lesson in pottery or composes poetry for that matter.

  • Among other advantages of automation is the elimination of human errors arising out of indiscipline,greed,fear and emotional decisions.95 % of traders lose money because the market is dynamic and changing all the time,and it requires automated systems to beat it,so automation is the key to getting the winning edge in the markets. The Dukascopy platforms provide an opportunity to trade more markets by having the platforms send multiple alerts , on multiple systems and trading strategies simultaneously ,once the trade setup rules are  fulfilled, and therefore one can manage more trades simultaneously . One can also monitor multiple opportunities in the markets,and trade highly sophisticated algorithms, which might be impossible for a manual trader to follow monitor and execute without the advanced JAVA functionality of JForex.When trading fully automatic,a trader does not even have to be present when placing an order to trade ,manage a trade and finally exit the trade. 


Empowerment through Automation

  • The benefit of automating and executing on JAVA based JForex  is that it has 180 indicators which make it possible to make every manual trading strategy an automated one too to trade for you automatically. It's this great combination of automating that makes it so beneficial because now you don't have to stay up in the middle of the night wondering if or when a signal will arrive, be afraid of not getting an alert, be interrupted with your daily routine because of a signal or other problems related to manually receiving and processing forex signals. 
  • JForex's automation of your strategy will meticulously do the job for you!  
  • JForex will work, by monitoring any market for you 24 hours a day, looking to place trades for you once it sees that certain parameters (based on your own, or someone else trading strategy) have been met.

Multitude of Strategies

  • Trading strategies which may be used with JFOREX at Dukascopy come in a wide range.These methods are as varied as there are types of traders.There are lightening fast strategies which will enter and exit the market in a flash and with a bankroll.This strategy is called scalper and use the 1 minute or 5 minute charts for their trading analysis and execution There are others which will make a grid of small trades,spacing them 20 to 50 pips apart on a given pair,cashing in on market moves.These grid trading robots will make a lot of money over a trading week trading 24 hours a day and without having the handicap of exhaustion from fatigue.Ranging markets suit the grid trading strategies best.These grid strategies need manual override when the markets shift gear from ranges to trend though.There are Position Trading strategies which make their analysis on the daychart and position accordingly.These look to make fewer trades but aim to make larger profits in the few trades they make. There are countless other kinds of strategies which maybe incorporated in Jforex and these can be automated just as well
  • Many investors who wish to automate their trading,use services of a VPS (virtual private server) which is a PC housed at the facility of at the provider of such service.The trader has an icon on his personal computer's desktop which upon double clicking opens up another PC within one's PC which houses the JForex platform.The VPS is advisable as this removes one's concern for uninterrupted PC use and of ensuring connectivity for one's own PC.The VPS services ensure 99.90 percent up time over a year.These mostly charge about 30 to 35 USD a month and one can house about three platforms at once VPS dedicated for their use.



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