Greetings to all and
success in trade.

This is my first article and I hope it is interesting to you.There are various
methods of graphic representation of price movements of financial instruments,
mainly can be divided into 2 groups:

1. By time - the graph shows the
price movement for a period of time

2. By price - the graph shows the price movement in a specified range
regardless of elapsed time.

JForex platform enables us to
graphically depict the movement of prices in both ways.

To the first group are Line, Bar and Candle, which are the three most popular
method of displaying

The second group JForex platform offers us the opportunity to depict the price
movement of an instrument regardless of the time, but only within a given
range. Such graphs are Range Bar, Renko, Point and Figure (P & F).

There are other ways of representation of price movement like Kagi Chart,
Market Profile, Heikin Ashi and others.

But why most of the
indicators are presented as straight lines?

Anyway, they are the result of
price movements.

But what we know about the most
popular way to display the chart candles?

It reflects the price movement over a period of time by 4 different prices,
namely Open, High, Low, Close. And the most popular indicator are the Moving
Average (MA).Normally it is plotted as
a line
using one of the parameters of the bar and the
number of bars over time. Also there are various mathematical methods for

Can we construct a MA
Bar Chart? or RSI Bar Chart ?

Why not. We can calculate MA for
each price of the Bar or Candle, Open - High - Low - Close.

We'll give us this new MA or RSI Candle more information
about the movement?Let's see:

Yes, it's a great filter for simple and  powerfull trading.  If used at appropriate times and methods of calculating the MA and the method of graphical display like a candle, it is possible to trade with the use of only one indicator, with each change of direction of the bar used as a signal. This is a simple trading system that can be winning. No hidden rules and conventions.


 RSI Candle Chart are also great new way to discover the price action.

The chart below shows the RSI indicator depicted as candles, and a simple RSI. Can clearly see the advantages of the method of display indicators such as candles. Particular, the RSI indicator is very appropriate and useful as it reflects the price movement in a particular channel from 30 to 70 level. Very very useful for identifying clean highs and lows. It's easy to acknowledge most ofCandlesticks pattern. It is really useful for price action traders (PA analysis).It would be wonderful if JForex platform available built-in display standard indicators as candles.Not all indicators can be presented as Candle or Bar.

This method of performance indicators provides new opportunities for market analysis. This idea is my own and I use it more than a year and a half with great success. Dukascopy web site is the first place where I post this kind of Candle indicators.

In the next article I'll present a very simple strategy based on Candle Indicator , even using only one indicator.

Happy trading!

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