Do not do what others do!

This was one of the first things I was taught when trading forex. Indeed, that makes sense as if everyone traded similarly, they would either lose or get a mediocre outcome of trading. Firstly, I developed my own tactics, that proves being efficient. But that was not enough for me. I found out that FX trading drains my strength even after I had learned to manage stress. Additionally it seemed impossible to always get on time with major fundamental events, as they tend not to be at the same daytime. I found out my own way to always be high spirited, focused and energetic when trading. The answer lied in herbs and chemistry- I took scientific approach to emotions. Results outmatched my most daring expectations, especially the side effects are only positive- it is 100% natural, after all.

Herbs for focus:

Ginseng - it is a well known energizer and memory enhancer, easier to find in a form of addition to tea in supermarkets. Though if you are lucky to get a pure root, you can simply chew it for best effect.
Side effects: Body ages slower.
Siberian ginseng - increases focus and strengthens organism. Wears of fatigue. Also helps to maintain stress.
Side effects: WARNING not suitable for pregnant or hypertension. Check if you can use it safely first.
Lemon balm - good addition as it calms the organism, especially for those who get nervous when trading. Also mildly helps with memory processes.
Side effects: generally is healthy, helps with some diseases and digestion problems, only mild effects.

Ginko bilboa - 'WONDERDRUG"
for traders I'd say. It enhances memory, supresses fear states and helps with blood circulation in brain.
Side effects: WARNING might not be suitable for prolonged use, although it is not a drug. Strong effect on some people, might experience being 'doped' at first: dizziness, mild shock, 'gleams' in front of eyes (due to body adapting to blood circulation changes).
IMPORTANT NOTE: Japanese ginko is still under scientific examination, we cannot be sure of all effects. Right now it is sure that small amounts are helpful, yet overdosing is very dangerous. I'd recommend high caution with that one and consulting the doctor may anything suspicious be noticed.

Coffee -
also good to keep at home - does not need much care or light and you can have 100% home made coffe. Remember that drinking too much coffee is devastating! Additionally green (not roasted) coffe is healthier than traditional. Good for night trading or for the morning, when used in reasonable amount.

Fragrances - a passive effects on your brain
Basil -
oil from the plant helps with concentrating and sleep disorders. Also generally adds to the feeling of well-being.
Side effects: may fall asleep if tired, so do not use when you feel like sleeping and want to do the last trade. Not at all suitable for pregnant or during breast-feeding period. Helps to maintain good sight, protects from UV. Edible and 100% safe even with prolonged use.
Tonka bean - Special plant the changes its taste with temperature. Fragrance from oils, also found in perfumes, increases focus, allows to sedate and relax. Mixed with flower fragrance does additionally energize. 'Wonderfragrant' for FX trader?
Side effects: considered inedible by FDA as excess amount could cause death (contains coumarin). Fortunately we use fragrance rather than beans. Notably coumarine is used in many cuisines and people do not die after eating.
Cypress - oil is distilled from cones, branches and leaves. Energizes, helps to focus and drives out most insects.
Side effects: 100% safe/unknown.
Lemon tree - One thing is that it is a well known absorber of bad smell, but not everyone knows it also improves concetration and brain functions. Generally it is safe and sure method to relax a little and focus better when you have a lemon tree in your home. All you need to plant a lemon tree at home is southern (sunny-side, would be norther on the other side of globe) window and working heating system - that way you can have lemon in any climate zone. As the tree grows older you will automatically have the fragrance all around home, enhancing your trades and providing some extra resource for kitchen - lemon leaves and, hopefully, fruit. Some pests dislike lemon so it also helps to maintain hygienic home. Could be replaced with a lime tree (yet lime is much more difficult in cultivation). Oil is common at supermarkets.
Side effects: I have not heard of the fragrance having any negative side effect (unless you are alergic of course).
Eucalyptus - increases focus, refershes.
Side effects:might help with pain, inflammation or asthma, kills pathogenes. WARNING overdosing is lethal.

Some other helpful plants:
DHT blockers - pumpkin seed, saw palmetto and nettle (DHT is a condensated form of testosterone, not necessary for human functioning, it causes extra stress - we do not want this when trading; atavistic function: secreted together with cortisol when under lethal danger)
Cortisol blockers (you do not want that in hormone being secreted while trading for sure - it drains organism in an expectation of a lethal danger, excess cortisol may ruin health or even kill) - mainly flax seed or walnuts, also berries and some vegetables may help

Where the secret lies?

Although you cannot solve everything with diet, right herbs will help a lot - you can maintain body healthy and therefore easily boost mental balance. It is about choosing right herbs for the situation and specifically for your type of metabolism. Scalper will rather use energizers with some fear blockers, swing traders will likely need only calming fragrances and soothers. Carry traders probably will worry only about health, since you do not need special emotional status for trades that are sometimes open for months.

Another important thing is the right timing. You do not want to drink coffee for night or lemon balm in the morning. If you plan intensive trading - energizers beforehand and soothers after trading should make good combination. It is also important that you need to use herbal products regurarly to see overall improvement in mental performance as the mechanism of them effecting organism are much more sophisticated than mere initial chemical reactions. Improvement is based also on nurtritional value - mainly vitamins, some specific proteins and vegetable fats. You need to be consistent and patient with use- like with trading.

NOTE: I based my research on medical publications and own experience, It is important to know that some effects are still under medical scrutiny and not yet fully confirmed. You risk less than with typical medicine, yet effects can not be guaranteed here. Yet we must agree there must be an effect since this way the way humans used even before standard medicine began - this is a very ancient wisdom.


To sum up, mental and physical health is surely helping with trading, that is a well known fact. Adding the right herbs to our diet will passively help our organism, especially for the winter time. We can not only supply our diet with vitamin and proteins, but also modify our brain functions in favor of being 'in zone' for trades.
We should not forget this is just supplementary and passive method. You still must not forget about your own self-control. Stronger herbs and plants should be used with caution or even after medical consultation. Pay attention that not every herbal product is suitable for everyone. Herbs are very healthy long-term and when used in a reasonable amount.
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