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Wednesday, July 18, 2018
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11:00 USD/JPY
12:30 USD/JPY
13:00 USD/RUB
Thursday, July 19, 2018
01:30 AUD/USD
08:30 GBP/USD
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13:00 USD/RUB
23:30 USD/JPY
Friday, July 20, 2018
12:30 USD/CAD
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What is the impact on GBP/USD ?
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Ugra avatar Ugra 51 minutes ago
WallStreet6 avatar WallStreet6 55 minutes ago
Additionally oil prices were at rather high levels.
WallStreet6 avatar WallStreet6 56 minutes ago
On MoM basis inflation came back to 0.4% in April and May. On YoY basis it has been slightly slowing down from 3.1% in November to 2.4% in May. The forecat for June is 0.2% and 2.6% respectively. I think it may come out as high as households might have had increased spending to annual rise in minimal wages and holiday season upcoming.
DimaBLR avatar DimaBLR 57 minutes ago
Inflation growth is still being held back by the government but the index shows disappointing data falling from 3.0% at first year to 2.5% now. However, the figures give a more accurate estimate than just the sentiment and the latest data from England over the last few months, and the same index of business activity in the service sector has been very disappointing. The consequences of Brexit have and will have much worse consequences for the economy than expected, which sums up the decline in the UK CPI index.
tarak807 avatar tarak807 58 minutes ago
CPI measures the change of prices of goods and services for the certain period of time and also CPI measures the inflation. UK inflation indicator seen decline from the starting of the year which impacts the prices of Pound's negative. UK inflation target will be 2% at the end of the year and they will go forward.but this time I am expecting same as previous reading. Forecast is higher than expectation go for bearish.
Uladzimir avatar Uladzimir 1.5 hours ago
поверю прогнозу
tradelord avatar tradelord 1.5 hours ago
The lowest lever for the Year 2.4 %. Next 12 hours GBPUSD will goes up repulsion from Demand W1. Expectations are good. Follow the right way.
The Consumer Price Index released by the National Statistics is a measure of price movements by the comparison between the retail prices of a representative shopping basket of goods and services. The purchase power of GBP is dragged down by inflation. The CPI is a key indicator to measure inflation and changes in purchasing trends.
VovaOr avatar VovaOr 2 hours ago
ImranMughal99 avatar ImranMughal99 2 hours ago