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What is the impact on GBP/USD ?
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weitzner73 avatar weitzner73 12 minutes ago
jubz avatar jubz yesterday at 23:18 GMT
They are expecting a rise in change in the price of goods and services purchased by British consumers of up to 3% . This represents new territory for the British economy although they came very close last month with 2.9% actual. In light of the fact that central banks are moving to hiking interest rates achieving this target would certainly push them in this direction, however I don't think this target will be met, especially so near too the festive season as this could affect public spending. So I expect a bearish move
Yonggi7 avatar Yonggi7 yesterday at 22:49 GMT
In the United Kingdom, there is an inflation measured by the consumer prices index. It rose to 2.9% in August, up from 2.6% in July. This increase is also done through a rebound in the price of oil. And this also had an impact, pushing up fuel prices. If this can bring an impact on the currency pair, I shall expect to see a bullish as the next step.
stasklok avatar stasklok yesterday at 22:23 GMT
ForexAlyoum avatar ForexAlyoum yesterday at 21:32 GMT
The British economy reports 15 events at the same time,
The significance of these economic indicators varies with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) expected to fall to 0.3.
  While the CPI - annual (September) rises to 3% and I expect the impact of indicators to be the rise of the pound sterling
Lucky_MAN avatar Lucky_MAN yesterday at 21:22 GMT
Lady_in_Red avatar Lady_in_Red yesterday at 21:19 GMT
MisS_KaPriZzz avatar MisS_KaPriZzz yesterday at 21:10 GMT
Natalia_Kisenko avatar Natalia_Kisenko yesterday at 21:06 GMT
Consumer Price Index, UK (Sep)
От индекса потребительских цен во многом зависит повышение (или неповышение) процентной ставки на следующем заседании Банка Англии.
Месяц назад ИПЦ неожиданно ускорил рост с 2,6% до 2,9% годовых, но сейчас ожидаю стабилизацию на 2,9% вопреки ожиданиям 3% г/г из-за роста курса фунта.
Pawelforex avatar Pawelforex yesterday at 20:27 GMT