Dukascopy Fundamental Analysis Contest General Rules

Contest model

Dukascopy Fundamental Analysis Contest is a unique competition elaborated for participants to simultaneously make predictions on impact of fundamental news on chosen currency, submit well-grounded opinions and discuss possible outcomes on-line with other members of the community before and after the news release. Technically, this contest is analogous to binary options trading.

Every week a set of most influential news will be open for predictions. Participants are allowed to make as many bets per week as they want. When prediction has been made it's impossible to modify or delete your comment. By default, contest period is 1 week. All news for the next contest week are published on Dukascopy Fundamental Analysis Contest web page before 21:00 GMT on Sunday. Ranking is based on the number and rating of correct predictions and Dukascopy expert evaluation of the best comments. In case of equal scores the earlier prediction wins.

The Contest is conducted on a weekly basis with a weekly prize fund of $230 to be shared among five winners. Prizes are awarded in form of LIVE trading accounts with Dukascopy.

Registration Rules

  1. The Dukascopy Fundamental Analysis Contest ("Contest") is held by Dukascopy ("Dukascopy") on a regular basis.
  2. Anyone who want to take part in the Contest (individually a "Participant" or collectively "Participants") must register following the rules below.
  3. Registration proceeds via the unified environment of the Dukascopy Community.
  4. The contest is open to participants aged over 18 worldwide.
  5. Participants agree to provide valid information during registration. If a Participant becomes eligible for a prize, information provided during his/her registration will be used for the opening of a live account with Dukascopy in the name of that Participant. In case the information is false, inaccurate or incomplete, Dukascopy may declare the participation in the Contest void at any time and at its sole discretion, and rescind any prizes the Participant in question might have won.
  6. Participants acknowledge and agree that their registration data are not covered by confidentiality whether or not Participants already have a live account with Dukascopy or intend / need to open such live account in the future. Consequently, Participants waive expressly the benefit of Swiss Banking Secrecy and release Dukascopy from any liability in that respect in the frame of the Contest.
  7. Participants shall acknowledge and accept that, in case they are awarded with a prize by Dukascopy, they may be asked to participate in promotional events, interviews, public announcements in connection with the Contest and that Dukascopy may make use of their names, materials and references. Consequently, participants hereby expressly grant Dukascopy permission to use names, materials and references for such purposes, and release Dukascopy from any liability in that respect.
  8. Participants further acknowledge and agree that, should they refuse Dukascopy request to participate in above-mentioned promotional events, Dukascopy has the right to retroactively disqualify such participants and to give the respective prize to other participants.
  9. Participants agree that materials submitted for the participation in a Contest may be used by Dukascopy without prior or subsequent notice to the author, free of charge and for an unlimited period of time. Dukascopy reserves the right to translate, rephrase, edit, otherwise modify and use the submitted materials or their parts in other compositions, leaving the mentioning of the author at the sole discretion of Dukascopy. Participants hereby waive all rights of exclusivity with regard to the submitted content and grant Dukascopy full rights to all articles and materials submitted in the course of a Contest.
  10. It is forbidden to use any kind of links and third party advertising in the profile pictures, written comments and any other material submitted in the course of the Contest. Participants are required to adhere, inter alia, the Rules for Posted Content, and are strongly advised to acquaint themselves with these Rules. Any sort of advertisement or restricted sensible content is also not allowed. Dukascopy reserves the right to delete the picture/comment upon detection of this rule's violation.
  11. Use of login names containing any trademarks of Dukascopy or its products is not allowed. Words like "Dukascopy", "SWFX", "JForex" and other brand names associated with Dukascopy are forbidden.
  12. Multiple registrations by the same Participant under the same or different IP addresses and names, and/or use of proxy servers may result in the Participant's disqualification (except for unique cases approved in advance by Dukascopy).
  13. The Dukascopy Fundamental Analysis Contest ("Contest") is held by Dukascopy ("Dukascopy") on a regular basis. Dukascopy is entitled to refuse a Participant upon registration or disqualify him/her at a later stage during or after the Contest period due to violation of these Rules and guidelines or other reasons at the sole discretion of Dukascopy. Disqualification may lead to the rescinding of any prizes awarded to such Participant.

Participation rules

  1. Participant creates an account in the Dukascopy community if he/she doesn't have one.
  2. Participant shall join current contest in order to confirm his/her participation. During the first subscription, he/she is required to enter precise, complete and true contact information. For further subscriptions, one only needs to confirm his participation by clicking on the respective button.
  3. Participants submit no more than 1 prediction per news release.
  4. Participant can submit his/her vote no later than 2 minutes before a news release.
  5. Reference currency rates are fixed 1 minute before and 10 minutes after the respective news release.
  6. Positive impact means the currency’s rate 10 minutes after a news release is greater than it was 1 minute before the release.
  7. Negative impact means the currency’s rate 10 minutes after a news release is less than it was 1 minute before the release.
  8. Calculation of points is based on all predictions of the Participant during the Contest period. Dukascopy Commission will give its subjective evaluation of each Participant's prediction.
  9. The texts of predictions are submitted directly to Dukascopy Community website via the special interface.
  10. Each participant can only be granted one single position and prize per Contest period.
  11. Participants agree that all predictions submitted to the Contest may be used by Dukascopy for any kind of promotional activities, free of charge or royalties, without any limitations and without prior or subsequent notice to the author.
  12. Only trading platforms developed by Dukascopy (jForex, Java, iPhone, web) can be used in the submitted predictions (screen shots, etc). The usage of other platforms for analytical descriptions and other purpose is forbidden.
  13. Participants assume full responsibility for the legality of the content they submit. Without limitation to any of the above, each Participant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Dukascopy and its employees, directors and affiliates from and against any damages, losses, costs, claims, including immaterial and indirect damages, attributable to or sustained in connection with the content submitted by such Participant.

Rules for posted content

We sincerely hope that the contestants do themselves have an understanding of the social "taboo" topics not tolerated on any respectful website or Internet resource. However, before submitting your contest predictions, please make sure that you are familiar with the major restrictions regarding the texts:

  1. Dukascopy Fundamental Analysis Contest is not for advertising. Contestants are not allowed to include any information that directly promotes their professional activity, even if it is related to Forex. Neither are they permitted to promote or popularize any third parties in their comments, including, but not limited to any kind of Forex-related products, such as trading robots and strategies.
  2. Existing partners of Dukascopy (Introducing brokers and Money Managers) are not allowed to promote themselves in the predictions. This refers to mentioning any reference numbers, stressing the link with Dukascopy etc.
  3. Respect copyright. Note that breach of this rule may lead to your personal liability towards the author.
  4. No use of trademarks. Do not use the names or trademarks of established brands in a way that might suggest that you are endorsed by or otherwise affiliated with such brand. Consider also that excessive use of brand names may violate the rule against direct or indirect promotion.
  5. Do not include content that violates any of the sensible areas described in the guidelines on restricted or sensible topics.
  6. Do not post any links to viruses, Trojans, worms, time bombs, malicious code or other computer programming routines that are intended to damage, detrimentally interfere with, surreptitiously intercept, or expropriate any system, data, or personal information in or connected to Dukascopy community.

Guidelines on restricted or sensible topics

Please familiarize yourself with the list of topics you should avoid or treat carefully. When scanning the article for compliance, Dukascopy will pay special attention to ensure the following issues are avoided:

  • Pornography or sexually explicit content
  • Racism or sexual discrimination
  • Hate speeches
  • Shocking disgusting content
  • Unlawful acts
  • Infringements of intellectual property
  • Harassment
  • Threats
  • Violation of privacy

COPYRIGHT ATTENTION: Please be especially careful with the use of 3rd party materials for your predictions. All the legal risks lie solely with the participant.

Evaluation & rankings

The ranking of the submitted predicitons is determined based on 3 factors:

  1. Differential between correct and incorrect predictions.
  2. Number of “likes”.
  3. In case of equal scores obtained by prediction the earlier prediction wins.

To be eligible for receiving a prize, differential between correct and incorrect predictions must be positive.

Prizes and Awarding Rules

  1. The total prize pool of USD 230 is distributed among the top 5 Participants in the Contest in the following manner:
    • 1st place - USD 70
    • 2nd place - USD 55
    • 3rd place - USD 40
    • 4th place - USD 35
    • 5th place – USD 30
  2. The contest winners may withdraw their cash prizes and the profits generated from their cash prizes on their respective sub-accounts after meeting the minimum turnover requirement. The minimum turnover requirement constitutes 2.5 million USD for every 100 USD won in the contest.
  3. Participants are allowed to withdraw funds in full only when there are no blocked prizes on the account. Profit can only be withdrawn when there are no blocked prizes on the account.

    If there are both blocked and unblocked prizes:
    • participants are only allowed to withdraw the sum of unblocked prizes;
    • only the positive difference between equity and sum of blocked funds can be withdrawn;
    • the sum of withdrawn funds can't exceed the sum of unblocked funds.
  4. LIVE accounts which are credited with prize money are considered LIVE Prize accounts. LIVE Prize accounts can be credited only with cash prize money. Clients are not allowed crediting their own funds on this type of account.
  5. Prizes are credited to a Live sub-account not linked to any Business Introducer with Dukascopy in the name of Participant. The Participant who is awarded a prize is not allowed to demand crediting of the prize to any other account, including, inter alia, an account that is not in the name of this Participant.
  6. If Participant does not have a live account with Dukascopy, then he/she should proceed to the live account opening procedure in a regular way described in My Finances section of the community profile. If Participant does not comply with live account opening requirements, Dukascopy reserves the right to rescind the prize.
  7. Save contrary and valid preliminary written instruction of the Participant, Dukascopy converts the prize(s) into the currency of the sub-account on which the prize(s) shall be credited in application of the present “Prizes and Awarding Rules”. Such conversion is subject to fees as per the fee schedule posted on Dukascopy website.

Other rules and policies

  1. Dukascopy reserves the right to change the Contest rules, requirements and awards without prior notice and at any time at its sole discretion.
  2. Dukascopy reserves the right to use any kind of information posted by Participants within the framework of the Contest for its own purposes without prior coordination and approval from the authors. These purposes may include without restriction any kind of promotional activities or publicity campaigns, statistics collection etc.

For feedback, questions and comments please send an email.