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Tuesday, July 17, 2018
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12:30 USD/JPY
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Thursday, July 19, 2018
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13:00 USD/RUB
23:30 USD/JPY
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12:30 USD/CAD
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What is the impact on GBP/USD ?
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kangur avatar kangur 10 minutes ago
helminsir avatar helminsir 38 minutes ago
bogos avatar bogos yesterday at 23:10 GMT
Average Earnings Index is the most important labour market indicator in the current environment and it's been mostly holding above 2.0% since 2015. Global demand has been improving and inflation in the U.K. hit 3.0% before easing off back below 2.5%. Bank of England hiked its official bank rate for the first time in 10 years, though further hikes will likely be gradual and limited. Brexit uncertainties moderated with transitional agreement but will not go away anytime soon. Average Earnings Index above 2.5% should be enough to keep Cable supported.
hunlion avatar hunlion yesterday at 23:09 GMT
A higher than expected reading should be taken as positive/bullish for the GBP, while a lower than expected reading should be taken as negative/bearish for the GBP.
Boznow avatar Boznow yesterday at 22:46 GMT
WallStreet6 avatar WallStreet6 yesterday at 22:11 GMT
In April we saw a large rise by 31.2K, but in May claimant count decreased by 7.7K. Now the forecast is for an increase of 2.3K. I think this may be too optimistic and that it will come out higher. Eventhough we have good weather which encourages seasonal employment I think the uncertainty around a Brexit deal will offset this and companies will be more reluctant in hiring new staff. Firms still have many doubts about their operations after Brexit and this may resrict new hirings and cause some redundancies as well.
Syed avatar Syed yesterday at 22:07 GMT
000rk avatar 000rk yesterday at 21:23 GMT
VALTRAD avatar VALTRAD yesterday at 20:34 GMT
Изменение числа лиц, обращающихся за пособиями по безработице в предыдущем месяце ( июнь ). В 2018 году было два месяца сокращения показателя (-1,6 тыс и -7,7 тыс ) и три месяца роста (15,1 тыс; 15,7 тыс; 28,2 тыс ). Прогнозируется увеличение на 2,3 тысячи. Одновременно публикуется изменение средней оплаты труда 3м/г, после двух месяцев роста на 2,8%, наблюдается замедление (2,6% и 2,5% ), тем не менее это положительно для повышения ставок Банком Англии, что положительно скажется на GBP.
UnforAmon avatar UnforAmon yesterday at 20:28 GMT