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Monday, December 11, 2017
15:00 EUR/USD
23:50 USD/JPY
Tuesday, December 12, 2017
00:30 AUD/USD
09:30 GBP/USD
10:00 EUR/USD
13:30 USD/JPY
21:45 NZD/USD
23:30 AUD/USD
Wednesday, December 13, 2017
07:00 EUR/USD
09:30 GBP/USD
13:30 USD/JPY
15:30 USD/CAD
19:00 USD/JPY
Thursday, December 14, 2017
00:30 AUD/USD
08:30 USD/CHF
09:30 GBP/USD
12:00 GBP/USD
12:45 EUR/USD
13:30 USD/JPY
21:30 NZD/USD
23:50 USD/JPY
Friday, December 15, 2017
10:00 EUR/USD
13:30 USD/JPY
18:00 USD/CAD
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What is the impact on EUR/USD ?
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urban1955 avatar urban1955 yesterday at 23:52 GMT
bezalex avatar bezalex yesterday at 23:49 GMT
FXNOAD avatar FXNOAD yesterday at 23:12 GMT
JOLTS Job Openings It collects data from employers including retailers, manufacturers and different offices each month.In the last statement stabilized at 6.093M This is a positive thing for the labor market and the dollar movement increased by 10 points at that time The outlook for the news today is positive, which supports the dollar's currency and the dollar will decline because the dollar is strong and I think that the decline of the euro will be limited because this news is not important.
Ivano avatar Ivano yesterday at 22:51 GMT
milanova0429 avatar milanova0429 yesterday at 22:44 GMT
bogos avatar bogos yesterday at 22:32 GMT
The JOLTS report touches on how many opportunities are available as well as the pace of layoffs and resignations in the US labor market.

The report also includes the quits rate, one of Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen's favored labor market indicators. The quits rate held steady to 2.1% in March from its post-recession high of 2.2% in January.
miriam1313 avatar miriam1313 yesterday at 22:16 GMT
futures avatar futures yesterday at 21:43 GMT
klintons avatar klintons yesterday at 21:23 GMT
chytry_dziad avatar chytry_dziad yesterday at 21:05 GMT
The JOLTS Job Openings is a survey done by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics to help measure job vacancies. On Friday NFP payrolls showed lower numbers then expected (also last print was revised to the downside) and Avarage Hourly Earnings was a disapointment (2.5% vs. 2.7% expected). JOLTS is a low impact indicator but publishing it could remind investors last Froday's weak data. Therefore I expect small imediate bullish impact on EUR/USD short after data will be realeased.