Hello everybody,

How are you doing?
I hope you have great summer and unbelievable holidays!!!
Summer has already started and allow me to start Extreme Contest from my Extreme story from Myanmar!!
I have been living there for 4 years approximately and for sure I have celebrated not just Orthodox New Year, but Buddhist New Year as well.

Burma is a new democracy, which is developing extremely quickly and has a plenty of opportunities for that people, who are looking for it. One of my biggest Extreme in Burma was Thingyan (Burmese New Year), which was really extreme and unforgettable.

Thingyan or Water Festival mostly continues during 3-4 days, during which people through away water for all and everybody from water pistols, hurled from buckets and even from fire hydrants to wash away old year and welcome New Year!!
This tradition is highly widespread in all South East Asia. It is believed that water, splashed during New Year can fully purify your soul and heart, clear your body and soul from sins and disillusions.

Does not matter who you are, citizen or tourist, the water, thrown away in these days could be understood as a sign of respect, kindness and greeting. This holiday starts mostly in the hottest days of the year, that's why to be fully drenched is considered as a privilege!!! During Thingyan, a lot of stages are set up, being specially equipped to poor water for everyone, making you happy and clean from your past staff.

Please find out little video report, helping you to imagine and go through this atmosphere, emotions and cool craziness!!
Wish you wonderful hot beautiful summer with precious moment with you beloved people, family and friends!!

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