"I have the need, the need for speed"
Peter 'Maverick' Mitchell, Top Gun

Gokarts Racing! Ok, so it's not the speed and thrill of a fighter jet, Formula 1, other track and rally racing. But for us, Earthers it's an accessible speed fix and gives quite a kick and thill's in much safer conditions than driving your car or motorbike way too fast on the streets.
These little gokarts usually have from 5 to 20 horsepower, but some go up to over 30. Bearing in mind that their weight is 75 kg at most, the driver is sitting just above pavement, there is no suspension and usually the track is made up of many thight corners with just one straight where usually you
can't max out the speed it's great loads of fun and gives quite a thrill. It's also a great way to polish up your driving skills and afterwards keep safe on the streets.
Gokarts is a great to spend spare time with your friends, race against others or even drive on your own on an empty track. It requires physical and mental endurance. With no suspension you feel every bump on the road and on some corners you can feel some G-forces. While you're trying to go faster and faster on every lap, pushing to the limit of loosing traction it takes a lot of concentration and patience. But when you finally reach that perfect driving line through the corners with greater speed and get that fastest lap it's loads of satisfaction.
I encourage everyone to try gokarts. It's great fun for the young and old.
Just keep calm and drive on the race track and drive safely to the track!
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