Hi everyone this is my first international trip with my own money and as you know guys I am very excited to explore the world. This time we friends decide to visit European countries then finally fixed to United Kingdom. Our journey starts from the Bangalore airport to UK.

Our gang was fond of Old Armouries so on fourth day of our trip we were visited Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds as planned which took most of our time but we loved it and as planned we left to Blackpool and next day plan is to enjoy the beach and night life of Blackpool .In the hotel at night we made some local friends and they were just completed Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge and they were celebrating and they drunk. They were showing off like they climbed Mount Everest and they were saying like they prepared for this since two and half months so one of my friend told that we will complete the challenge without practice and he too even fully drunk, by hearing this there were pissed off .Then we had exchanged some bad words and got challenged by them and they made fun of us which really pissed us all because most of my friends got big belly like 6 months pregnant. I don’t know what was happening suddenly all of my friends changed the plan for tomorrow and planned to do 3 peak challenge. When we checked in the internet we knew that there is a nonprofit organization that will organize the trucking trip for people so we planned to book the spot but it was showing next trip is in next month that was damn disappointing so quickly we decided to go by our self and don’t know when we slept that day.

Next morning I woke up at 6 with full mood to do trekking and started waking up my fellow pigs but they don’t even remember about that challenge and everybody was sleeping not ready to move out from the bed and sad part is don’t even remember about it but finally one of my friend remembered and decided to come with me to complete the challenge. Fun part is we don’t even know where it is and how to start, so we decided to use Google map for route and our logic was, first we should complete the hard one which is Whernside and then we should take second one Ingleborough and finally Pen-y-Ghent.

Set the car navigation destination to Whernside and started from the hotel. Google map was showing destination at 60 miles and initially road was very good with 6 lanes and then it became 2 lanes then while reaching destination it was narrow road and at max single vehicle can go, if any vehicles come from opposite direction means we have go back or cross over very slowly, finally our Google map destination leads to a cottage that was in between some peaks not even near to that peak. Then we asked that cottage owner about the road to that peak and luckily were on right track and he told us to follow the road till you reach place called Dent, there you can park the car and check with locals for the route.

After following the road we reached the Dent and parked our car by paying 4.5 pounds for 24 hours .Checked with localities for route to peak and people were so nice and so helpful, they showed the way and peak which we have to climb and told us it will be around 4 to 6 miles before you reach the bottom of the peak then both of us started to walk and after a while my stupid friend told like instead of walking in the road for 6 miles we will go straight to peak in off road where can reach early and off road was filled with green grass so decide to walk on the same. I had observed one strange thing which was all the surrounding including mountains where divided and fenced so we thought it’s a private property so we had to cross someone’s private property and started walking we continued to walk for couple of hours but still we didn’t reach the peak which wanted, instead of that we could able to see 100’s of peaks which made us confused then finally we saw couple of guys on the farming land so checked with them and the sad part is we were in wrong peak/route and almost we had walked/climbed for 4 hours .We took the way that guy told and started to walk and after walking around another 4 hour 30 minutes we got the road which we need have to go then we saw two ladies were walking on the same way so checked with them they told like from there we need to go 2 miles on the same road then you will see some under construction church then take right road and walk for 3 miles then you will reach the bottom of the hill and those two old birds has completed the 3 peaks challenge when they were young they told after listening our story and they told another interesting fact that there is separate map which we have to buy which is mandatory thing in the trekking kit to finish 3 peak challenge and which we don’t have and at the same time they have warned about thunderstorm in Whernside hill that day which made us little scared and said thanks we started our journey after walking almost 1 hour we got that church and then we decide to stay some time there only, because we are already tired of trekking at the same time we saw black clouds which is approaching near to us which made us scared and time was almost 6 PM and our water bottles become empty so then finally decide to go back to Dent .

Now we don’t know the way then we took the same road and started walking back ,after 2 hours we have managed to reach the Dent and we were so happy and had a very good meal which was superb they served the food in wooden placket and food was prepared with fresh local organic herbs and taste was awesome, then we left the Dent. Still we didn’t completed our 3 peak challenge but walked/climbed almost 42.5 km, so moral of the story adventure is good ,if we know the little knowledge about what we are going to do, how to do ? Proper routes to reach the destination? But still we are happy because we learnt lesson and saw very peaceful and beautiful Mother Nature in the peaks and the best part is our friends were started another round of drinks in the hotel room itself and they didn’t get out of the room on that day because my idiot friend brought one back pack for trekking which consist of all our passport, mobile, travel card and purse.
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