This summer I have experienced a dip in the sea with parachute which was the second extreme event for me after trekking last year. Apart from this I want to share with you all how I have transformed my life from sick to healthy with the intake of proper food and yoga and now I have made myself so strong that I can climb up 15 floors in just 3 minutes.

Last year in March 2017 I fell sick and my Hemoglobin level reached to 5.7. Almost for a month I was sick and bed ridden. This time my consulting doctor said you have to take a call whether you work on health or face the consequences. Because earlier also this has happened thrice. My HB level used to fall then I used to take medicine it used to recover then again it used to fall same thing every time. So last year I decided to start working on myself.
After starting workout within 3 months I recovered my HB level it to 11 then in next 3 moths I have increased it further to 14. And from then I am maintaining it constantly.
Because of low HB I used to wake up late and there was frequent health issues. But As I have maintained it at proper level then I got a strength to work with fitness activities. I started doing yoga. From the beginning of this year I started with running everyday. I used to wake up late and next step was to wake up early then I started getting up early and gradually I reduced my waking up time from 10 am to 7 am. And starting from April 2018 when I wake up at 5.30 am in the morning and cook food for my kid as it is school time for her. And from then everyday I get up at 5.30 am in the morning. Then I cook a food for her. I make her ready for the school. Then I drop her to school.

After finishing all this I go for running. I run 3-5 km everyday. After coming back home I start yoga. I am practicing following yoga poses these days.
Tree Pose: I can stand up to 30 min in this pose.
Boat Pose
Warrior Pose II
Handstand : I am learning this from last two months.

Once I done with morning workout session I start work in Dukascopy Forex Community. In the afternoon I take a break to bring back my kid from school and by 5 pm I have to close my work as after that I have to do my household work. I am sharing my story here as I am homemaker but with proper time and health management one can achieve what they want in their life as I have done it others also can do it. Within 3 moths in community I have won in three contest, I could have won more times in Fundamental contest one can conclude this by having look at standing page but I can't work late evening so I have skipped it.

I have attached a video of my activities.

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