“I AM NOT A QUITTER” Hi Friends, I am going to tell about one real incident happened in my life just a month back which changed my life which is worth of reading. I love travelling and till now I have seen so many places with friends. This time they have planned to go for Goa for a week in sharing where I needed approximately 20,000 Indian rupee (310$) so as usual asked my mom and dad for money they said if you want to go, we don’t have any problem but don’t ask money. I am dependent person and don’t have job and no money, normally my mother used to give money for me in the absence of my father this time mom also refused to give money. As usual asked my mom so many times but she said I don’t have money too, check with your father so I lost hope and my friends went to Goa without me. After this I was not speaking to my mom properly almost a month then one worst thing happened in my life, but finally it turned to best moment of my life. On Sunday 25th Feb Morning around 09:10 AM I was having breakfast in my room my mom came with food I didn’t speak but she started conversation with me, by saying like me and your father planning to send you to Delhi trip for 10 days and we have booked Air ticket as well so get ready and pack your luggage. Tickets are booked for tomorrow but you have to go alone, after hearing that I was so happy and excited because I was not expecting this, so hugged my mom said love you and agreed for her condition, then she gave tickets print out, her debit card and cash of 500 Indian Rupees to me. I was totally in shock and don’t know what’s happening, is I am dreaming or is it real but it was real then she said withdraw money when you want and it’s not safe to carry cash in hand. Tickets were booked at 4 Am on 26th of Feb so thought of taking rest till 12 then to start but I was unable to sleep so started towards Kempegowda airport at 12 and I reached to airport at 1:15 AM itself its too early so spent most of the time in talking selfie and roaming in airport and watching departure planes. Finally at 3:15 AM they allowed me to get in to air bus and happy news is I got window seat. Within 3 hours reached Delhi and had food and booked taxi to go hotel which I had reserved which was outside the city because I got a good deal and had a good connectivity to lot of tourist places ,on the way went to ATM to withdraw money I was shocked there is no one single paisa/penny in the card so thought of my mom gave wrong debit card so I called her and told you have given wrong debit card then she told I gave you the right debit card and continued by saying you are not a kid anymore and you have the capacity to care of yourself and start earning for yourself it’s time for you to say good bye for your old days and start to new day and its challenge for you to survive 10 days in Delhi , if you survive and come then I will send you international trips in my money now cut the call and search for Job bye dear. I was not able to speak and somehow gathered energy and said mom you’re kidding me right then she didn’t said anything just said bye and dropped the call. I got angry at that point but later started feeling fear and was in shock. Till that point I was taking so many pictures, I was so happy and did some much research and planned all the places to visit in 10 days, now all that plan became reverse and my mom stolen all my excitement and happiness. Cab driver started calling me then I came back to normal world and went near cab and asked him to take me to some cheap hotel nearby and he took me to some cheap hotel outside the city and I had asked how much I need to pay he said 1374 Indian Rupee so luckily I had my extra money left around 850 money(including all change) long with Mom’s 500 so I gave that money and told him I have this much money only and my card is not working so he spoke something in Hindi and left but I didn’t understand what he said but I can understand that he was angry on me for not giving his remaining 24 Indian Rupee . I was broken and had too much luggage and didn’t had money to stay and did not know the regional language and my return ticket booked after 10 days. Then I remembered my best friends and called them, it was the best thing which happened to me because I came to know about my best friends that day. Four of them said they don’t have money and two of them told I will put money wait for some time after two hours called them once again they said the same thing I spent my entire day on waiting for money but they didn’t send then I tried calling them finally but mobile came switch off so don’t know what to do so slept on footpath under the tree in front of one office where no people walk, that was the horrible moment of my life. Too many mosquitoes ,cold , bad smell and after 10:30 PM there were no people around at 11 PM office watch man came and asked why you’re standing and told him that waiting for my friend so he didn’t create any problem . I was so scared and couldn’t able to sleep till 3 AM and don’t know when I got sleep, after waking up I thought of selling my mobile so taken some pictures with smile but it was birthday present from my sweet sister so I couldn’t sell that so I took long breath and said to myself everything happens for once own happiness so let’s look for some job. I started wandering all places then I saw some peoples are working on construction building and went to them and told my story and asked for work in broken Hindi. Thank god they liked me and believed my story and said you can work and stay with us and given some food and water. Till my end of life I will never forget those life savers. First day they took me as there helper and thought me how to cut the granite and from second day I started to work and end of the second day they gave me 300 Indian Rupee. I was so happy and I was not able to speak I spent almost 30 minutes looking at 300 Indian Rupee and said to myself “I am not a Quitter”. My mom had called me so many time from two days but I didn’t receive her call but now I called her and said I am fine and told my story and said I earned my first salary and told her how much I am happy and she didn’t speak but I can feel her happiness in voice and I dropped the call saying good night and love you mom for the wonderful trip. I don’t know how days passed and when I realized it was already Friday and I had collected 1200 Indian Rupee .Told to my life saving friends, I love sightseeing so will you guys join but they said they have work and told me to go alone. First time in my life with my money I visited around 7 places in Delhi using public transport and sad part is I spent all that money in two days and I used to do helping jobs before going and after coming which they liked me and given another 200 Indian Rupee for two days. I wanted to surprise my mom and sister by gifting with my earned money so calculated and came to one conclusion that I need another job to buy good gift. Then I remembered when I was wandering first day I saw some people collecting plastic nearby land filling so did some research about plastic scarp prices and on Tuesday afternoon when my life saving friends having lunch I went out and collected mixed plastic scrap of 2 KG in just 1 hour and sold that for 90 Indian Rupee. That point of time I got idea an idea and checked with local garbage collector and understood that they will collect around 20 KG of mixed plastic every day and sell to some local shops for very cheap price. On Wednesday I brought mixed plastic scrap of around 10 KG for just 400rs and separated them, according to plastic grade with them help YouTube videos and sold to local shop for 690 Indian Rupee with profit of 290 Indian Rupee so on Thursday evening I brought around 25 KG of mixed garbage just for 800 Indian Rupee and sold after separation for 1900 Indian Rupee and while coming back in the evening from that local shop I came to know that day it was Holi(Indian Festival) at Delhi and I met some workers on the road and had a nice time with them and played Holi with them and it was the best movement of that trip . Total saving: 1st Week zero savings 2nd Week 4950 Indian Rupee Lesson Learnt: • I got to know the importance of MONEY. • Identified fake friends and made real friends. • Earned Respect within family. • I got an idea to build a business and where I live (Bangalore) there is so much of plastics so planning to open plastic recycle business along with forex trading. Finally I came to my home with presentation from my hard earned money to my mom and sister. Funny part is now if I see people throwing plastic waste I visualize like there are throwing money. “Where there is a way there is a will” I was not taken much pictures because of the sudden twist in my trip and I never thought that this can be put in extreme context in Dukascopy, later I got an idea to make a video with few remaining of my pictures in order to share my life turning story.
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