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Posted 03 Aug. 2018  in #Signal Provider
Hi traders,

Alivio from Russia took the first position in the 12-month nomination of Signal Provider Grand Prix contest in July 2018 with annual result of 1.215 m USD in profit. The second place goes to N1K, who managed to earn 1.032 m USD of profit in the last 12-month period. sirohi has taken the third position with the result of 0.941 m USD. Participants skut328 and SiarheiVS closed top-5 signal providers with result of 0.872 m USD and 0.819 m USD respectively.

6-month nominations of Signal Provider winner list is the following: SiarheiVS – first place with 1.151 m USD, Alivio – second place with 1.133 m USD, sirohi – third place with 0.979 m USD, Youngd – fourth place with 0.829 m USD, FakaFezoo – fifth place with 0.802 m USD.

All the best for everyone in August 2018!

Community team
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