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  • Maple Goldmines: Gold Development
    Commodities Corner
    Wed, Dec 06, 16:28
    Maple Gold is a well-funded gold exploration company focused on advancing one of the largest undeveloped gold projects in Quebec. The Company’s district-scale 330+ km² Douay Gold Project is located along a 40km segment of the Casa Berardi Deformation Zone within the prolific Abitibi Greenstone Belt. The Project hosts a multi-million-ounce gold deposit that remains open in several directions, with excellent infrastructure and several large-scale operating mines within 150 km. A Top Management and Technical Team advances this project rapidly forward, Jochen Staiger, CEO & Founder, Swiss Resource Capital AG.
    Keywords: Maple Goldmines, Gold, MGM, Canada, Douay Gold Project, Quebec, Resources, Jochen Staiger, Swiss Resource Capital AG, Swiss, Business, Finance, Dukascopy TV, Commodity TV, Maple Goldmines Stocks, Trade, Commodities Trading, Mining, Gold Exploration, Development, Abitibi Greenstone Belt, Gold Canada, Royalty Free, Investments, Buy Gold, Sell Gold, Invest In Gold, Best Mining, E-mining, Swiss
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  • Santa's What???
    Press Review
    Wed, Dec 06, 14:21
    A plot to kill the British PM, Trump ready break protocol and a rather naughty dessert is causing controversy.
    Keywords: Theresa May, United Kingdom, Russia Today, Donald Trump, Brexit, Rt, David Cameron, News, Bbc News, Prime Minister, Uk, Britain, European Union, World News, Us News, Trump, Europe, Eu, England, May, Narendra Modi, Jeremy Corbyn, News Channel, News Station, Top Stories, Pop Culture, Liberal, Fight With Uk Pm, The 11th Hour With Brian Williams, Uk Council President, Trump Reply May, President Trump
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  • Is The Cycle Broken?
    Wed, Dec 06, 11:00
    Is the Cycle Broken? Will the long-term 10-year cycle drawdown risk for 2017 be overridden? Robin Griffiths, shares his outlook for equity markets into year-end and highlights key leading performers.
    Special attention is given to the nature of the “fragile” market growing risk of a 1987-style crash, Robin Griffiths, ECU Group.
    Keywords: Technical Analysis, TA, Financial Markets, Risk Management, Robin Griffiths, Ron William Swiss Association Of Market Technicians, SAMT, Equities, Cycles, Business Cycle, Roadmap, Timing, Decennial, 1987 Crash, Dukascopy TV, Fragile Markets, India, China, Multi-Asset Technical Ranking, FANG, Cash, Old School, Technicians, Broken Cycle, Conservative London, Business In London, History Of Trading
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  • Why Is Ethylene So Important?
    Commodities Corner
    Tue, Dec 05, 14:03
    To discuss Ethylene, it's connections with the oil market and why it is so important, we are joined by Patrick Kirby from PCI Wood Mackenzie.
    Keywords: Gas, Chemical, Hiatt, Biology, Oxide, Production Of Materials, Ripening, Safety, Cbse, Board, Hsc Chemistry, Hsc Online Tutors, Hormone, Experiment, Banana, Explosion, Csb, Tutoring Online, Hsc Tutors, Online Tutoring, Online Education, Online Study, Online Tutors, Online Tutor, Chemistry Tutorial, Ethylene Glycol, Chemistry, Chemical Used To Ripen Fruits, Formula Of Ethylene, Icis Special Report
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  • Community Stars Nr. 199
    Community Contests
    Mon, Dec 04, 15:10
    As December starts everyone is waiting in anticipation for Miss Dukascopy 2017 to go to Geneva and be crowned!
    Keywords: FX, Market Moves, EUR, Euro Trader, Mario Draghi, Spain, Independence, Catalonia, Japan, Bank Of Japan, Monetary Policy, UK, Brexit, Theresa May, EU Leaders, Meetings, EUR, GBP, JPY, USD, Dukascopy Community, Miss Dukascopy
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  • Milan Fashion Week | PHILIPP PLEIN
    Fri, Dec 01, 11:34
    The men's fashion show in Milan was in for a treat when Philipp Plein took centre stage. He simply said “I’m just a dream chaser. I believe in my dreams until they come true,”. Dukascopy TV captured that mad man's dream and now it presents it to you.
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    Keywords: Ready To Wear, Runway, Fashion, Catwalk, Moda, Mode, Plein, Spring, Models, Womenswear, Week, Femme, Designer, Rtw, Milano, Woman, 2018, Philip Plein, Summer, Women, New York, Pap, Womens, Estate, Milan, Verão, Primavera, Nyfw, Ete, 18, Lenght, Ss18, Italy, Milão, Menswear, Printemps, Itália, Mfw, Italia, Verao, Fashion Show, Full Lenght, Fashion Week, Show, 2017, Pe18, Pe2018, Ss2018, Printemps-e
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  • Brazil-Switzerland
    Fri, Dec 01, 10:09
    Businesses between Brazil and Switzerland. Thomas Bohn, Executive Director, GGBa
    Keywords: Dukascopy, Dukascopy TV, Luciene Miranda, Thomas Bohn, GGBa, Switzerland, Brazil, Businesses, Companies, Consultant, Bern, Development, Inovative, Sector, IT, Life Science, Pharma, Biotech, Farm, Agriculture, BRICS, Russia, India, China, South Africa, Growth, GDP, QR Code, Alibaba, Commodities, Tech, Med Tech, Chocolate, Alcohool, Food, United Kingdom, UK, Brexit, EU, European Union, France, Car
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  • Headlines Episode #3
    Fri, Dec 01, 09:45
    What is going on here? Did you spot these stories? Play along, can you do better than Kiays and Jack, leave your answers in the comments below...
    Keywords: Shut Up, Grime, Big For Your Boots, Know Me From, Live, Gsap, Merky, Rap, Jaiden Ramgeet, Link Up Tv, Gang Signs And Prayer, Gang Signs & Prayer, Uk Rap, Hip Hop, Grm Daily, Lady Gaga, Section Boyz, Blinded By Your Grace, The Jonathan Ross Show, Fire In The Booth, All That Matters, 0 To 100, Jonathan Ross Chat Show, Not That Deep, Wicked Skengman Freestyle, Sbtv, Ramgeet, Jaiden, Ed Sheeran, Justi
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  • Keystone Pipeline Leaks!
    Commodities Corner
    Thu, Nov 30, 16:36
    The Keystone pipeline is set to resume transporting oil and there is uncertainty about Russia joining other oil producers with extended curbs in production. Spencer Welch, IHS Markit
    Keywords: Oil, Opec, Crude Oil, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Commodities, Oil Prices, Oil Production, Venezuela, Oil Supply, Middle East, Finance, Crude, Stocks, Iraq, Energy, Business Insider, Nigeria, Helima Croft, Bell Curve Trading, Who Controls Oil Market, Bill Strazzullo Interview, Energy Management Institute, Rbc Capital Markets, Crude Oil Market, Organisation Of Petroleum Exporting Countries, Who Controls Oi
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  • How To Date With Dukascopy 911
    Thu, Nov 30, 14:58
    Are you rubbish at first dates? Then let the Dukascopy 911 community do the work for you. In this video Jess, Jack and Kiays go on first dates using the 911 community's advice.
    Keywords: First Dates Uk, First Dates Usa, Nbc First Dates, Sex, Dating Show, Dating Hacks, First Kiss, Love, Dating Advice, Lgbt Dating, Romance, Dating In The Dark, Awkward Dates, Dating Tips, How To Get Over Heartbreak, Blind Dates, Being Single, Dinner Dates, Blind Date, How To, Heartbreak, Kissing, Channel 4, Dating, Online Dating, Watch First Dates Online, First Dates Hotel, Popular Right Now, All Thi
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  • Dollar Woes
    Thu, Nov 30, 14:29
    With the Dollar suffering, let's discuss what's next for the Greenback. Patrick Reid, Founder of The Adamis Principle
    Keywords: Janet Yellen, FED, Economy, Collapse, Crisis, Us Dollar Crash, Economic Collapse News, Economics, Dollar, Economic News, Dollar Collapse, Economic, Currency, Us Dollar Collapse, Dollar Collapse 2017, Financial Crisis, Gold, Us Dollar Collapse 2018, Economic News Youtube, Economic News This Week, Economic News Today, Economic News 2017, Us Dollar Economy, Us Dollar Documentary, Economic Collapse 20
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  • Bitcoin, Missiles & Brexit Bill
    Press Review
    Wed, Nov 29, 15:48
    Bitcoin hits the $10,000 milestone, North Korea can strike the whole of the US and a Brexit bill is outlined.
    Keywords: Cryptocurrency, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Crypto, Trading, Btc, Blockchain, Money, Crypto Investor, Segwit2x, Investing, Mining, Segwit, Currency, Bitcoin Crash, Bitcoin Price, Finance, Altcoins, Altcoin, Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Explained, Bitcoin Correction, Bitcoin Mining, Trevon James, Roger Ver, Bitcoin Cryptocurrency, Invest, Cryptonick, Economics, Bcc, Bcash, Omg, Cash, Datadash, B
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  • US Is The Main Story
    Wed, Nov 29, 14:46
    US equities at higher highs, US sectors are behind the rise, where is the risk?
    Bruno Estier, Independent Market Strategist
    Keywords: S&p 500, Stocks, Stock Market, Finance, Market, Analysis, Stock, Trade, Futures, Investment, Day Trading, Es, Oil, Technical, Euro, Investing, Index, Market Prediction 2017, Daytradingradio Daytrading For A Living Daytraderrockstar Daytraderrockstar, Trading
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  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution
    Wed, Nov 29, 09:26
    What is the fourth industrial revolution and how could it impact the economy? Hanssel Mendiola, CEO of HeptaGo SA
    Keywords: Robot, Robots, Technology, Robotics, Electronics, Boston Dynamics, Tech, Dynamic Balance, Legged Locomotion, Nao Robot, Ai, Mechanics, Gadget, Mobile Manipulation, Programming, 2017, Unboxtherapy, Physics, Best Robots, Funny, Latest Robots, Artificial Intelligence, Anki Cozmo
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  • Positive & Negative Interdependence
    Wed, Nov 29, 08:25
    Understanding the impact of positive and negative interdependence in business and society. Arend Van Campen,
    Keywords: Crisis, Conflict, Csr, Book, Book Writing, Congo, Mineral Conflict, Crisis, Issues In Africa, Mining In Africa, Sustainable Development Goals, Sdg, Business Sustainable, System Thinker, Thinking, Planning, Humanitarian Crisis
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  • Is It A Dangerous Time To Invest?
    Wed, Nov 29, 06:43
    2017 has been a year of solid growth with many equity indexes reaching all time highs in one of the longest US bull markets ever. This may be a dangerous time to invest…or is it? We discuss methods investors can use to invest in fully valued markets. Allan Maksymec, President of Strategic Asset Management SA
    Keywords: Emerging Markets, Trump, Us, Us Markets, Equities, Bonds, Negative Interest Rates, Zero Interest Rates, Nirp, Zirp, Investors, Companies, 21, Consumers, United States, Federal Reserve, Riksbank, China, Japan, Central Banks, Ecb, Janet Yellen, Facebook, Interest Rate Policy
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  • The Law Of Requisite Variety
    Tue, Nov 28, 15:13
    What is the Law of Requisite Variety and how can you use it to manage an organisation and prevent risk? Arend Van Campen,
    Keywords: Systems Science, Cybernetics, Corporate, Company, Ethics, Unilever, Leadership, Iso 26000, Business, Entrepreneur, Investor, Smart Ideas, Small Business Ideas, Training Program, Companies, Organizations, Training Program, RisksSustainability, Stakeholder Management, Stability
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  • Don't Dump Your Trading Robot Early
    Tue, Nov 28, 13:02
    What is a counter strategy and how can you apply it to your trading robot? Bernhard Schicht, CEO of Stash GmbH
    Keywords: Robot, Robots, Technology, Robotics, Electronics, Boston Dynamics, Tech, Dynamic Balance, Legged Locomotion, Nao Robot, Ai, Mechanics, Gadget, Mobile Manipulation, Programming, 2017, Unboxtherapy, Physics, Best Robots, Funny, Latest Robots, Artificial Intelligence, Finance, Wealth Management, Bank, Investment, Global Asset Management
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  • Swiss Investors Surveyed
    Tue, Nov 28, 12:34
    Natixis Global Asset Management surveyed 8300 investors around the world, 400 of which were from Switzerland. What investor patterns did this survey show? Babak Abrar, Natixis Global AM
    Keywords: Investor, Swiss, Switzerland, Investors, Investment, Market, Swiss Franc, Global Investor Summit, Swiss, Business Class, Swiss Business Class, Zurich, Flight Report, Boeing 777, Trip Report, Flight, Business, Boeing, Landing, Swiss Airlines, Takeoff, Review, Zrh, Report, 777-300er, 777, Lounge, Airplane, Airport, Swiss International Airlines, Travel, Airlines, Class, Zurich Airport, Airbus, Zürich
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  • 2017: The US Economy
    Tue, Nov 28, 10:32
    Can Congress provide for a turbo-charged economy, or will the Fed want to take out some air out of the tires? Gregory Daco, Oxford Economics.
    Keywords: Federal Reserve, Economy, Economics, Fed, End The Fed, Janet Yellen, The Federal Reserve, Banking, Macroeconomics Crash Course, Federal Reserve System, 2008 Financial Crisis, A Level Economics, Economics Crash Course, Ap Economics, Economics Lecture, Economics 101, Macroeconomics, Macro, Trump, Monetary Policy, New World Order, Economic Collapse, Interest Rates, United States, Fox News, Dollar, Li
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