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Ecom21, Riga, 2015
Join the DukascopyTV team at the Ecom21 Riga International Forum, discussing everything from e-money services, global payment getaways and e-money institutions with well-recognized figures within the e Commerce industry.

1. What are the alternative banking options at present?
2. What regulations are being implemented and at what rate?
3. What challenges are companies facing?
4. In regards to Bitcoin and E-Money, you have mentioned no correlation. Can we expect a correlation at some point?
5.Today you discussed the “Evolving landscape of e-commerce” China has announced plans to tighten e-commerce checks, what's your take on this and how do you expect these checks to be implemented?
6. Could stricter e-commerce checks affect 2Checkouts customer traffic? Security and Fraud protection features are essential but what risks are faced by users.
7.You've worked for both global acquiring banks and also global payment gateways. Which of the two sectors do you feel overtakes the other in online payment developments?
8. P2P lending is a relatively new offering but it does have significant momentum driven by macroeconomic forces, 2 being technological breakthroughs and demographic shifts. Can you talk us through these forces and what kind of impact they have on consumer lending?
9. Looking to the consumers themselves, in particular millennials, who tend to value the convenience of transactions online and are less loyal to banks. 
Are millennials prime targets for P2P lending? Is there opportunity from this them for P2P platforms to evolve from being a 'niche offering'? 
10. Many financial institutions are now beginning to examine the changes on the horizon that P2P companies could shake up the market. The question is, should financial institutions collaborate or compete with P2P lending platforms?
11. People have been making purchases on mobile devices for a little while now, but like every other technology, something easier and more efficient is bound to come along. In terms of technology, what's on the horizon for mobile payments?
12. We've got Apple Pay, Android and Samsung Pay, Visa Checkout and MasterPass in the market fighting for attention, yet consumers continue to use plastic cards, and not mobile phones, to pay for stuff when they shop at physical stores. With usage levels remaining relatively stagnant, where is that push going to come from to change this?
13. What is your view on payment trends for the coming year and what does the ideal payments ecosystem look like?
Scott Lane


John Derry-Collins

I-Fact Services Limited

Michael C.G. Charalambides


Simon Saneback


Findating, Geneva, 2015
Dukascopy played host to the first edition of its very own Findating event at the Four Seasons Hotel in October 2015. The TV team were naturally on hand to speak with the industry's finest that had travelled to Geneva to gather their thoughts on the evening.

1. Can you tell us a little about yourself and your company?
2. What will your company be looking to achieve for the remainder of the year?
3. What did you think of Dr Issing's and Mr Matonis' speeches today?
4. What have you most enjoyed from today's Findating event?
5. How would you describe the event in one word?
Andreas Andreou

Vice Chairman of CYSEC

Eric Vanraes

E.I. Sturdza Portfolio Adviser

Jean-Francois Owczarczak

Director of

Jochen Staiger

Swiss Resouce Capital

Ladislav Kazan

CHECKus Media Group

Radik Mukmenov

HD Forex

Financial Partners Expo, Amsterdam 2014
Dukascopy TV was invited as the official Media Sponsor of the Financial Partners Expo, Amsterdam; the largest dedicated exhibition for affiliates, binary options brokers and introducing brokers within the retail finance sector. Guests were asked a selection of the following questions, catering to their business activity and area of expertise, to ensure the latest and greatest insider insight into the Affiliate industry.

1. What are favorable conditions when establishing a broker relationship?
2. How important do you think the affiliate sector is to the FX industry?
3. Do you see the affiliate market continuing to grow and what are the latest trends to emerge within this sector?
4. What system do you use for your affiliates?
5. Is cost transparency of growing importance to clients?
6. We’re here in Amsterdam today but where is the next key region for the affiliate market? Some are citing South Africa as a commodities based economy and stable banking system suggests it could do well in the FX sector?
7. What did you come to Amsterdam to achieve today for your business?
8. Why is the affiliate system different than the traditional IB system?
9. How do you keep your product attractive to affiliates?
10. Walk us through one of the key trends you've seen emerge within the FX Brokerage industry this year?
11. Which of your company's offerings will you be promoting most strongly and why?
12. How crucial is affiliate business to your activity?
13. Mobile applications and Social trading are now a firm part of many strategies, but what do you see as being 'next' in this space? And how will you be looking to cater to it?
Rihards Struka

Dukascopy Europe

Pablo Ortiz

CEO of Robot de Forex

Marc Kenigsberg


Tammy Levy


Roy Hen

Conversion Pros

Rihards Struka

Dukascopy Europe

Richard Hutchison


Ran Cohen

CEO of Traders Education

Marios Chailis

HenYep Capital Markets

Leon Yohai

CEO of Zulu Trade 2

Leon Yohai

CEO of Zulu Trade 1

Krzysztof Kochan

Highsky Brokers

Ivan Kuznetsov


Eran Tal

CEO of FXEmpire

Andrea Badiola

Hello Binary

iFX EXPO Cyprus 2014
Following the success of the previous year, in May 2014, Dukascopy TV returned to the iFX EXPO Cyprus. Once again, we caught up with the industry's finest and asked five hard hitting questions to give you the insider info you need. This year the project was conducted in coordination with Forex Magnates,, FX Street and iFX EXPO.

1. We find ourself at the IFX EXPO in Cyprus. But where does the attraction of having an FX operation in Cyprus lie.  What are the advantages/disadvantages?
2. Looking at the other side of the coin, what factors would you say clients must consider when opening an account with an FX broker?
3. Social networking has revolutionised how people organise their daily life, from personal interaction to sourcing the latest news and information. But what does it represent for you as a broker? In this fast moving world and where communication is key; what is your strategy?
4. Globalisation. It may be imperative to have a local presence in a global world but what is your approach? Aiming to have a foothold in as many locations as possible or identifying specific regions with the most market potential?
5. And lastly, to people looking to get into the industry - what 'top tip' would you give to a start up broker in terms of strategy or general advice?
Patrick Oerer


Demetrios Zamboglou


Gary Dennison

Divisa Capital

Carla Skaf

Falcon Brokers

Daniel & Ibrahim

CM Trading

Joe Khouri

Trust Capital

Alexandre Beliakov

Binary Station

Anthony Brocco

Advanced Markets

Vasily Sukhotin


Natallia Hunik

Boston Technologies

Eren Tal

FX Empire

Or Kapelinksy


Ron Finberg

Forex Magnates

Joel Kruger

First Macro

Fred Scala


Drew Niv


Diana Munoz


Erez Romas

Forex Magnates

Akram Majed

Hybrid Solutions

Muhammad Rasoul

Gain Capital

Nir Dekel


Johny Abuaitah

Windsor Brokers

Ofer Friedman


Lars Holst

CFH Clearing

Alain Broyon

Dukascopy Bank

Ryan Nettles


Romas Jurecius

Forex Peace Army

Jakub Zablocki

X OpenHub

iFX EXPO Asia 2014
In January 2014, Dukascopy TV sent a team to the iFX EXPO Asia. We quizzed senior executives from top brokers, returning to our popular 5-question comparative format. This project was conducted in coordination with FXStreet and ForexPeaceArmy.

1. Asia is both a major finance and technology hub, home not only to two of the BRICS nations but also half the world's population. As Asia continues to outpace Europe, what is the importance of this industry? How do you see the Asia market and how does your company differentiate in this region?
2. In an industry where contending solutions and tight spreads equals market share, who do you fear? Who do you consider as your biggest competitor?
3. In its quarterly report, Forex Magnates suggest that MT4 platform represents approximately 20% of the retail market. More and more brokers are adding different trading platforms. So what are insiders using? Which FX platform is growing?
4. What are your biggest challenges when attracting new clients? How do you think the trader profile is changing and what is your company doing to attract and retain them?
5. What is your procedure for handling client complaints? How do you rectify errors? Do you speak directly to clients or use a more neutral structure?
Graeme Watkins

One Zero Financials

Roy Hen


Alain Broyon

Dukascopy Bank

Drew Niv


Romas Jurecius


Athol Nourse

Synergy FX

Raj Sitlani

Sucden Financial

Christian Frahm

CFH Group

Andrew Budzinski

IC Markets

Vishal Kapoor


Rajesh Yohannan


Shawn Dilkes


Erez Romas

Forex Magnates

Lars Seiers Christenson

Saxo Bank

Andy Kwong

BWC Capital Markets

Mushegh Tovmasyan


Demir Savatli


Manjit Singh


Mitch Eaglstein

Boston Prime

Piotr Drzewiecki

X Open Hub

Thomas O'Reilly


Glenn Stevens

GAIN Capital

Diana Munoz


iFX EXPO Cyprus 2013
In May 2013, Dukascopy TV made it's debut at the iFX EXPO Cyprus. Here, we invited major FX players to answer the same 5 questions, creating a platform for viewers to compare and contrast brokers on the issues which matter to them. This project was conducted in coordination with Forex Magnates and iFX EXPO.

1. What makes you different? How do you position yourself amongst the other competitors?
2. How did your business evolve last year? What were the main challenges? What are the main challenges for your company in 2013-2014?
3. What do you think about transparency in the FX world? Are we going to an exchange model, will all brokers be ECN with one data feed, or we will keep OTC model? Why?
4. What is your strategy for the future - Any new products, geographical expansion?
5. What are the best trading conditions you can offer to your clients?
Albert Galera


Jonathan Brewer

Sucden Financial

Alex Knight


Ibrahim Aita

CM Trading

Vasily Sukhotin

FX Pro

Dmitriy Petrenko

Mayzus Investment

Alain Broyon (CEO)

Dukascopy Bank

Saffet Ulker

Integral Menkul

Drew Niv (CEO)


Malcolm Cauchi

Sensus Capital

Ryan Nettles

Swissquote Bank

Manos Damianou


Mohsin Jameel (CEO)


Erez Romas

Forex Magnates

Glenn Stevens (CEO)

GAIN Capital

Daniel Skowronski (CEO)


Patrick Oerer


Ioannis Gerousis

FX Net

Steve Janjic

Advanced Markets

Teo Mingwen

Blackwell Global

Johny Abuaitah (MD)

Windsor Brokers

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