Strategy for June 2013

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The strategy is built on four indicators, and it uses EURUSD instrument to trade on 10 minutes chart. Indicators are Exponential moving average (Period 30), TVS(Period 24), CCI(Period 14) and RSI(Period 14). Mainly EMA has been used to define direction on a short time period. When the last candle closed below EMA and TVS value is below 0 and RSI value is in between 40 to 50 with CCI reading below to equals to -100, it will open a short trade. Similarly, when the last candle closed above EMA, with RSI reading in between 50 to 60 and TVS value is also above 0 and CCI value is above and equals to 100, it will open long trade. Take profit 20 pips, stop loss = 80 pips and lot size = 5 Million and all are fixed.
Version: Date: Status: Description:
Finally Final 07.01.2014 Not running It's the final version without any volume change and volume is fixed to 5 million  Download
Final 07.01.2014 Executed It's a version without any volume change the volume is set to 5 million.  Download
Risky 22.10.2013 Not running Full Volume use  Download
August 2013 2nd 22.08.2013 Not running 20-80 and 2 million  Download
august 2013 30.07.2013 Executed 20-80 and 4 million  Download
beta2 10.07.2013 Not running 15-70, 5 Million  Download
beta 30.06.2013 Executed 20-80  Download
1 02.06.2013 Not running  Download
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