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SMACROSPOINT : trategy logical is based on Sample moving average cross, I use indicator SMA 8 , 20 and 100 SMA indicators. on time frame 30 minutes. How Strategy trade : For Buy order , Once SMA 8 cross SMA 20 ( with rule SMA 8> SMA 20) and SMA 100 > SMA 20 the buy order is open , the SL is set on - 25 points Far from SMA 8 and SMA 20 and take profit is set on +50 points. The strategy is not related to Partner form. I use this indicators because it give good idea on how market will move after 30 min. I use 30 minutes time frame because I found that it is the optimal time frame for this strategy with those indicators. For currency pair, I use the EUR/JPY but the strategy can work on any currency .
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