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Simple strategy based on various types of moving averages (SMMA, SMA, WMA) with the same period 15. It subscribes EUR/USD and it uses 15M time frame. It opens LONG position when WMA crosses SMA and SMMA is more than 5 pips above the cross. It opens SHORT position when WMA crosses SMA and SMMA is below more than 5 pips. TP and SL and constant, both 50 pips. Amount is 6M. When SMMA is between WMA and SMA it also opens positions with 1M amount. SL and TP are 10 pips.
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1 31.01.2015 Executed averages_update  Download
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foxybaby 3 Mar.

hi, in testing your strategy opens several trades at the same time - is this correct?

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past92 3 Mar.

The fist implemented block should control that, but unfotunately sometimes it didnt in backtests. VJF sometimes doesnt work properly. For backtesting and optimization I wrote Java code.

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